What is the difference between 265 70 r16 and 265 75 r16?

What is the difference between 265 70 r16 and 265 75 r16?

Judging by the tire size index, 265 70R16 has an aspect ratio of 70 whereas 265 75R16 has an aspect ratio of 75. So, the difference between these two tires is 5 in terms of aspect ratio.

Are Toyo Open Country AT tires directional?

The Open Country R/T is a non-directional tire, so either sidewall could be mounted outwards. Toyo Tires’ performance ratings tell the story.

What size rim do I need for 265 70R16?

16.00 in
Tire Size Calculator – Tire & Wheel Plus Sizing BETA

Unit: Imperial Imperial Metric
Rim Diameter 16.00 in
Rim Width Range 7.00 in – 9.00 in
Overall Diameter 30.61 in
Sidewall Height 7.30 in

What does p265 70R16 mean?

265/70R16 Conversion When converted to inches, 265/70R16 is equivalent to 30.6×10. 4R16. 265/70R16 tire has a section width of 10.4 inches which is the measurement of tire’s width from its inner sidewall to its outer sidewall. Rim diameter of 16 inches represents the size of the wheel the tire can be mounted on.

What does the 70 r mean on a tire?

If a tire has an aspect ratio of 70, it means the tire’s height is 70% of its width. Lower aspect ratio tires, such as a 60 series, generally offer vehicle handling performance advantages over higher aspect ratio tires, such as a 75 series.

Is a 70 or 75 tire taller?

70 (or 75) is the ratio of the width to the sidewall height. So a 75 will be a taller tire, and closer to the height of the 6.70×15.

What does 75R16 mean on a tire?

This refers to the sidewall height as a percentage of the tread width. For example, a P225/60R16 tire has sidewalls which measure (from rim to tread) at 60% of 225mm (135mm). An LT245/75R16 tire would have sidewalls that measure at 75% of 245mm (183.75mm).

How long do Toyo Open Country AT LAST?

Up to 65,000 miles This versatile all-terrain tire offers excellent traction and tread life along with a blatantly aggressive tread design and quiet ride. The Open Country A/T II is backed by a treadwear warranty of up to 65,000 miles and our 45-day, 500-mile Trial Offer.

Where are Toyo Open Country tires made?

Open Country R/T The Toyo Rugged-Terrain tires are 4×4 tires that also offer great off-road and on-road performance but are built for that extra durability and rugged terrain in any season. They’re 100 percent American-made, produced in the factory in Georgia.