What is the difference between a Global Express and a Global 5000?

What is the difference between a Global Express and a Global 5000?

The Global 5000 is the faster aircraft with a maximum cruise speed of 499 knots. In comparison, the Global Express is unable to cruise faster than 488 knots. Moreover, the Global 5000 burns less fuel per hour. On average, the Global 5000 will burn 450 Gallons per Hour (GPH).

How much does a Global 5000 cost?

The price of a Bombardier Global 5000 is between US$27.00 and US$50.40 million for 2018 – 2022 models, the last 5 years of production, according to AircraftBluebook. The price of a jet depends on the production year. Bombardier Global 5000 were produced from 2018 to 2022.

How far can a Bombardier Global 5000 fly?

5,520 miles
The maximum range of the Global 5000, while flying at . 85 Mach (488 knots), is 5,520 miles (4,800 nautical miles). Its high speed cruise is .

How far can a Global Express jet fly?

6,500 nautical miles
The jet is boasting a range of 6,500 nautical miles, which makes it capable of long flights. This private jet can fly at a maximum cruise speed of 459 kt and at a maximum operating altitude of 51,000 ft, so you will avoid the most commercial air traffic.

How much does a Bombardier private jet cost?

Within the Bombadier Range, light business jets cost in the region of $8 to $13 million; mid-range business jets in the $17 to $31 million range; and heavy business jets around the $50 million mark. A new Challenger 605 costs in the region of $27 million.

Is Falcon better than Bombardier?

In the favor of the Bombardier Global 5000, Bombardier’s jet offers greater cabin volume, and the ‘Available Payload with Maximum Fuel’ is much greater than that of the Falcon 8X.

How many 5000 are there in the world?

A total of 221 Global 5000 aircraft have been manufactured with 218 in operation worldwide. There are 218 Global 5000 aircraft in operation today. Most of these are wholly owned (204) with 1 in shared and 13 in fractional ownership.

Who owns a Bombardier Global 6000?

Lloyd Dorfman is the owner of a Bombardier Global 6000 with registration G-SALD.

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