What is the difference between Peterbilt 388 and 389?

What is the difference between Peterbilt 388 and 389?

The Model 389 is a 131” BBC, and will appeal to owner operators and image-conscious fleets, while the Model 388, with a shorter 123” BBC, will serve the needs of vocational and on-highway customers in more length-sensitive applications where an all-aluminum hood and traditional styling is preferred.

What’s the difference between a Peterbilt 379 and 388?

388 is a new style short hood, 389 is new style exhd, 379 is an older model short hood, 379exhd is a long hood. 378 was the short hood to the 379 long hood.

When did Peterbilt stop making the 388?

Retired (1980 to date)

Retired Peterbilt vehicles
Model name Production Vehicle type
387 1999-2010 on-highway (Class 8)
388 2006-2015 on-highway (Class 8)
397 1980, 1982 Conventional (Class 9)

What’s the difference between a Peterbilt 379 and a Peterbilt 389?

Following its 2007 discontinuation, the 379 was replaced by the Peterbilt 389, distinguished by oval headlamp clusters and a longer hood. To commemorate the end of production, the final 1000 examples of the 379 were designated as Legacy Class 379.

Is there a 389 short hood?

For 2015+ 388 & 389 models, a change has taken place with the renaming of the former 388. Our product line refers to a 388, which is the NEW 389 short hood (123″ BBC). The 389’s referred to in our product line are the NEW 389 long hood (131″ BBC).

How long is the hood on a 379 Peterbilt?

Peterbilt 379 Extended hood for 127″ BBC trucks. Center length: 68 inches.

When did Peterbilt stop making the 389?

Introduced with a limited production run in 2014 and 2017, the Model 389 Pride & Class package’s unique styling and touches of understated elegance truly set this truck apart from all others.

What’s the difference between Peterbilt models?

Overall, the differences between Peterbilt models have something to do with the design, engine, and features. The first generation of the Peterbilts features a long nose styling with an emblem on the grille. In 2007, the production of the last model for its first generation had stopped.

When did the 389 Peterbilt come out?

In 2006, the Peterbilt Model 389 was introduced at the Mid-America Trucking Show and replaced the Model 379, which was the largest highway truck sold by Peterbilt at the time.

How long is a Peterbilt 379 Hood?

How long is a Peterbilt 379 hood? The Peterbilt 379 has a BBC length of 127″, which is the same as the 389 models.

What is the best Peterbilt Model?

Overall,the differences between Peterbilt models have something to do with the design,engine,and features.

  • Design.
  • From the 579 and the rest of the brand’s newer models,the design features a shorter hood that is usually mistaken as the Kenworth newer models.
  • Engine.
  • Features
  • A lot of features have been upgraded in the newer models.
  • What year was the last Peterbilt 379 made?

    379: The 379 was Peterbilt’s flagship truck from 1987 until the 2007 model year maintaining the nameplate’s signature long-nose styling. Available in standard (119″ BBC) and long hood (127″ BBC) lengths, the 379 is the last conventional over-the-road truck available with an aluminum hood.

    How much does a Peterbilt 389 weigh?

    What does a Peterbilt 389 weigh? It has a 14,200 lb front end and 46k rear on it. Fuel capacity is right at 270 gallons and it weighs in at 21,300 lbs without any personal items inside of it. It is also a 280″ wheel base Video: Model 389 Peterbil Mpg, weight and cost of a 2018 389 Peterbilt (vlog #11

    Is Peterbilt discontinuing the 389?

    The Peterbilt 389 is the model that ‘technically’ replaced the 379 model Pete. At first glance, it can be difficult to tell these two models apart. Many truckers were extremely disappointed when the company discontinued the production of the 379 truck….. it had classic good looks and was a ‘big, big seller’…. a very popular model, especially attractive to the owner operator.

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