What is the difference between Seasol and PowerFeed?

What is the difference between Seasol and PowerFeed?

Seasol promotes healthy roots, encourages beneficial soil micro-organisms, stimulates flowering and fruiting and helps plants to cope with stresses like heat, drought, frost and pest and disease attack. PowerFeed is a fertiliser. It has a fish base which is fortified with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

What is PowerFeed?

Powerfeed is a highly refined liquid fertiliser containing macro nutrients, fish and humic acids. Powerfeed boosts plant growth and vigour by providing nitrogen, potassium, trace elements, proteins and amino acids.

Is PowerFeed good for tomatoes?

PowerFeed PRO SERIES Plant Food Tomato & Vegetables is a dynamic fertiliser boosted with fish, seaweed and extra soil improver*. It is a fast acting liquid that can be applied to the soil or foliage for bumper crops of bigger, tastier tomatoes and vegetables.

Is PowerFeed a liquid fertiliser?

PowerFeed is an organically based liquid fertiliser and soil conditioner.

Is Seasol PowerFeed good?

The addition of PowerFeed to the Seasol not only adds a dynamic, well-balanced liquid fertiliser, but also a soil conditioning liquid compost that improves soil structure, helps break down clay and helps sandy soil retain moisture and nutrients.

How do you use PowerFeed fertilizer?

PowerFeed Controlled Release Plant Food is easy to apply. Simply sprinkle it around the plant or pot and then mix into the top soil or potting mix and don’t forget to water it in to get the microbes working in the soil. It can be applied to everything in te garden including phosphorous-senstive native plants.

What is the best fertilizer for tomatoes Australia?

A 50/50 mix of liquid kelp and fish emulsion will give these guys a kick along, followed by a good watering in. I’ll feed them with this mix once per month throughout the season.

Is PowerFeed good for vegetables?

Builds on our proven PowerFeed formula of fish, highly soluble nutrients and liquid composts but with more of everything your tomatoes and vegetables need to thrive. More Fish, More Humic and Trace elements. Promotes vigorous growth and larger yields of bigger tastier tomatoes and vegetables.

What is Seasol PowerFeed?

Seasol – Australia’s top selling liquid seaweed, and PowerFeed – dynamic fish fertilizer and concentrated liquid composts.

Is Seasol an all purpose fertilizer?

Seasol Powerfeed All Purpose Plant Fertiliser 600ml.

Does PowerFeed contain iron?

Enhances fruit production and quality. Contains added iron to minimise leaf yellowing and promote healthy budding, flowering and fruiting. Contains active liquid composts which improve soil structure.