What is the difference between SU-152 and ISU 152?

What is the difference between SU-152 and ISU 152?

The ISU-152 was armed with the same gun as the SU-152, but it used the hull of the IS-1 tank instead of the KV-1S. Later in the war the ISU-152 was further improved.

Is the SU 100M1 good?

With its small silhouette, good mobility, and great camouflage for its tier, this tank could be one of the best sniper TD’s of its tier. Though most players would go with the derp gun of the SU-152, the SU-100M1 would surprise you with its survivability even in close to mid range fights.

IS 152 wot?

The SU-152 is a Soviet tier 7 tank destroyer. Development of a tank destroyer on the basis of the KV-1S heavy tank began on January 4, 1943. The vehicle received the designation KV-14 (Object 236). A prototype underwent field trials at the beginning of February 1943 and entered service on February 14, 1943.

What does ISU mean in tanks?

self-propelled gun
“ISU” means simply self-propelled gun based on the IS tank chassis. “SU” (Samohodnaya Ustanovka, Self-propelled gun) was already used in designations of early vehicles, such as SU-152 and SU-122.

Is SU-152 good?

The SU-152 has 3 amazing guns, with 2 different play styles. The 152mm has amazing damage, and if fully researched with a gun rammer you can get a reload of 13.3 seconds! And, the HE on the 152 has a penetration of 85mm! I have one-shotted many lights using HE.

Is SU 152 a good tank?

Combat history Although not designed for the role, the SU-152 proved to be a cheap and effective heavy tank killer, second only to the SU-100 as a Soviet antitank vehicle, as well as successful at its original role against infantry and fortifications, serving a similar role to the SU-100Y.

Is the SU-152 a tank destroyer?

Later production used an IS tank chassis and was re-designated ISU-152. Because of its adopted role as an impromptu heavy tank destroyer, capable of knocking out heavy German armoured vehicles such as the Tiger and Elefant, it was nicknamed Zveroboy (“Beast Slayer”).

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