What is the difference between WPW pattern and WPW syndrome?

What is the difference between WPW pattern and WPW syndrome?

The WPW pattern is applied to the patient with pre-excitation manifest on an EKG in the absence of symptomatic arrhythmias. The WPW syndrome is applied to the patient with both pre-excitation manifest on an EKG and symptomatic arrhythmias involving the accessory pathway.

What should you avoid with WPW syndrome?

Do not use over-the-counter decongestants, diet pills, or “pep” pills. They often contain ingredients that make your heart beat faster (stimulants). Do not use illegal drugs, such as cocaine, ecstasy, or methamphetamine, which can speed up your heart’s rhythm. Do not smoke.

Does WPW make you tired?

While WPW syndrome isn’t lethal, it can cause serious heart problems if left untreated. Those with WPW syndrome may experience fainting, feeling tired, and shortness of breath. However, over time, symptoms can begin to disappear. WPW syndrome can be found at birth or due to a gene mutation.

Can you play sports with Wolff-Parkinson-White?

It is concluded that Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome contra-indicates competitive sports in most cases. Games played outside competitions remain possible in the absence of symptoms or when arrhythmias are well controlled by medical treatment.

What does Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome look like on an EKG?

Classic ECG findings that are associated with WPW syndrome include the following: Presence of a short PR interval (<120 ms) A wide QRS complex longer than 120 ms with a slurred onset of the QRS waveform, termed a delta wave, in the early part of QRS. Secondary ST-T wave changes (see the image below)

Can you drink caffeine with WPW?

DO avoid tobacco, smoking, caffeine, alcohol, pseudo-ephedrine (a nasal decongestant) and similar antihistamines, amphetamines, and cocaine. DO tell your health care provider about unusually fast heartbeats or near fainting.

Is WPW a disability?

The Veteran’s Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome is rated 60 percent disabling, effective April 19, 2006, under Diagnostic Code 7011, used for rating sustained ventricular arrhythmias.

Can you drink alcohol with WPW?

Can WPW be misdiagnosed?

The WPW pattern can be misdiagnosed, and false-positives from ECG on exercise are common. Electrophysiological study is the most reliable method of establishing the prognosis of WPW syndrome.

Can WPW be missed on ECG?

Although both symptomatic and asymptomatic WPW patients are prone to developing life-threatening arrhythmias such as VF, asymptomatic patients can remain undetected and therefore may miss the chance for intervention. Alarmingly, up to 50% of WPW patients presenting with cardiac arrest had previously been asymptomatic.