What is the equivalent to a CR1216 watch battery?

What is the equivalent to a CR1216 watch battery?

BR1216 battery
CR1216 can be replaced with a BR1216 battery (non-rechargeable carbon-monofluoride lithium battery) which features a slightly lower (on average 2.8 vs 3.0 volts), but more stable voltage during the use, and lower discharge current – hence, the BR1216 battery should NOT be used with watches that feature an alarm, LED …

Is a 1216 battery the same as a 1220?

CR1216, CR1220, and CR1225 batteries are very similar batteries, with the main difference being is size and thus their features and performances: – BR1216/CR1216 batteries feature physical dimensions of 12.5 x 1.6 mm, the smallest capacity (~25 mAh), and the drain currents very similar to the BR1220/CR1220 batteries.

Are CR and BR batteries interchangeable?

Typical example is BR2032 battery, with typical capacity of ~190 mAh. Generally BR#### and CR#### are interchangeable batteries – slight lower voltage of BR#### batteries is not problem, at least not for most common devices.

What are 1216 batteries used for?

Duracell 1216 3V Lithium Coin Battery Duracell Lithium Coin and Button batteries are great for devices like glucometers, calculators, car remotes and many other specialty devices.

Can I replace a CR2016 battery with a CR2032?

The CR2016 has a capacity of just 90 mAh, while the CR2032 has a capacity of 240 mAh. This means that the CR2032 can provide 10 hours of use, while the CR2016 can only provide about six hours of use. However, there are several cases where CR2016 and CR2032 can be interchanged.

What battery is equivalent to 1220?

This battery is also compatible with 5012LC, BR1220, CR1220, DL1220, ECR1220, KCR1220, and KECR1220 batteries….Energizer ECR1220 Battery 3V Lithium Coin Cell (1PC Tearstrip)

Battery: CR1220
CR1220 Battery Voltage: 3.0 Volts
CR1220 Battery Capacity: 37 mAh
CR1220 Battery Chemistry: Lithium Coin
CR1220 Battery Diameter: 12.5mm

What’s the difference between a BR and a CR battery?

CR type batteries are slightly less robust than the BR type when exposed to temperatures at the high end of the operating temperature range and can experience a rapid increase in self-discharge at the high end of its temperature rating.

What does CR mean on battery?

CR is the generic designation that is used by the entire batteries maker but lithium batteries are also having chromium. All the batteries who have this chemical substance in their batteries they can use this abbreviation CR. On the other DL is the short abbreviation of the battery making company Duracell.

How long does a cr1216 battery last?

10 years
Tech Specs

Product code CR-1216EL
Voltage 3V
Diameter 12,5 mm
Weight 0,7 g
Shelf Life 10 years