What is the Fach system?

What is the Fach system?

The German Fach system (German pronunciation: [fax]; literally “compartment” or “subject of study”, here in the sense of “vocal specialization”) is a method of classifying singers, primarily opera singers, according to the range, weight, and color of their voices.

Who created the Fach system?

What fach is Violetta?

Composer: Giuseppe Verdi
Other names: Not entered yet.
Explanation: a courtesan
Voice: Soprano
Fach: Dramatic Coloratura Soprano

When was the Fach system created?

19th Century
The Vocal Fach System was developed in Germany at the end of the 19th Century for opera houses to create distinct categories for all the roles in an opera in order to aid auditions and casting. Fach means classification, specialty, category.

How do I find my voice Fach?

The 10 Variables to Consider in Determining Your Voice Type

  1. Range. Range is the first and probably the most important part of the Fach System.
  2. Tessitura. Think about the lowest and highest notes that are included in your vocal range.
  3. Transitions.
  4. Vocal Registers.
  5. Weight.
  6. Size.
  7. Speech Level.
  8. Timbre.

What are the basic voice parts according to Fach system?

Voice Types : Which Fach are You?

  • Fach. The German term “fach“, literally meaning “compartment”, is widely known as the German Fach System.
  • Soprano. • Soubrette.
  • Mezzo-Soprano. • Lyric Mezzo-Soprano.
  • Contralto. • Dramatic Contralto.
  • Tenor. • Tenore Buffo.
  • Baritone and Bass-Baritone.
  • Bass.
  • How do you classify your voice?

What is your passaggio?

Passaggio (Italian pronunciation: [pasˈsaddʒo]) is a term used in classical singing to describe the transition area between the vocal registers.

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