What is the flavour of Twiglets?

What is the flavour of Twiglets?

Twiglets are whole-wheat crunchy knobbly sticks, made to look like twigs. They have a sticky Marmite flavor coating on them which gives them the zesty and zingy taste.

Are Marmite and Twiglets the same?

No, Twiglets don’t have Marmite on them. However, Twiglets are coated in a yeast extract, which is what Marmite is, so it’s very similar. This is why Twiglets taste of Marmite, or have that ‘burned’ umami taste.

What happened to curry Twiglets?

Curry Twiglets Twice Jacob’s tried to launch an extra flavour to their Marmite-esque original creation, and twice they were forced to discontinue their new range. First it was Worcester Sauce flavour in the early 1990s that failed to take off, then it was a curry variety a decade later.

What ingredients are in Twiglets?


  • Wholewheat Flour (80%),
  • Flavouring [Yeast Extract (Barley), Salt, Vegetable Extract (Carrot)],
  • Vegetable Oils (Sunflower, Palm),
  • Salt,
  • White Pepper.

Are Twiglets supposed to taste burnt?

Twiglets are a challenge to the pallet. They are crunchy and salty like pretzels, but the yeast flavoring creates a bitter, almost burnt, flavor.

Can dogs eat Twiglets?

Twiglets don’t contain any toxic ingredients, so your pooch will probably be alright if they snuffle one or two off the floor. But these twiggy treats are still high in carbohydrates and salt and aren’t very nutritious. So don’t start planning on swapping your dog treats for Twiglets.

Are Twiglets good for weight loss?

Twiglets are the best pub snack to go for, as they’re relatively low in fat and calories (compared to crisps) and a good source of fibre, so they’ll leave you fuller for longer.

Are Twiglets unhealthy?

Twiglets are made with wholegrain, providing bran, as well as yeast extract — both are high in zinc. A 40g serving also provides nearly a third of your daily vitamin E, another nutrient important for immunity, but also 1g of salt, so do keep an eye on your portion size.

Are twiglets like pretzels?

Are twiglets suitable for vegans?

They contain no animal derived products. Please note: Twiglets are labelled as ‘suitable for vegetarians’ but are not labelled as vegan. This is because they are made in a factory that also handles milk and eggs.

What does Vegemite do to dogs?

Just remember not to overdo it if you let your dogs eat Vegemite! The tasty stuff may not be toxic to them, but it’s certainly high in salt, which can be dangerous to pets. A salt overdose can cause a pet’s brain to swell and lead to sodium ion poisoning with severe consequences.

What are flavoured Twiglets?

As far as I’m aware ‘flavoured’ Twiglets don’t come out very often, in fact I think this might be their first appearance on the blog! Standard Twiglets consist of a baked snack coated in a yummy, yeasty Marmitey tasting coating. Like Marmite, people tend to love or hate them!

How many grams are in a Twiglet?

Twiglets are packaged in 24 grams (0.85 oz), 45 g (1.6 oz), 105 g (3.7 oz) and 150 g (5.3 oz) bags, and in 200 g (7.1 oz) cylindrical containers. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

What are Jacobs Twiglets?

Twiglets are a savory snack and an 80 year old British Institution. They have truly stood the test of time. Jacobs Twiglets have been an important part of British life for every major occasion from birthday parties to Christmas. Twiglets are whole-wheat crunchy knobbly sticks, made to look like twigs.

Are Twiglets and Worcestershire sauce the same thing?

These new Limited Edition Worcestershire Sauce variety do look quite similar to regular Twiglets as they are the usual chunky nobly baked pieces, but the pattern on them isn’t quite as dark. Despite similar appearances the flavour was very different.

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