What is the GPA requirement for Kappa Delta?

What is the GPA requirement for Kappa Delta?

Kappa Delta (ΚΔ)

Chapter name Kappa Delta
Chapter GPA 3.38
President Sarah Batastini
Recommendation Letter for Recruitment Click here for more information about KD recommendation letters.
Minimum GPA Requirement for Recruitment 3.25 for entering freshmen; 3.0 for current college students

What sorority was founded at Miami University?

Delta Zeta

Category Delta Zeta
Suite 015 Hamilton Hall
National Founding Miami University, October 24, 1902
Chapter Founding October 24, 1902
Colors Rose and Green

How much is it to be in a sorority at Miami University?

Joining a fraternity or sorority does carry a financial commitment. The average cost for sorority dues is $663 for new members per semester and $410 for active members per semester. The average cost for fraternity dues is $724 for new members per semester and $647 for active members per semester.

How much does it cost to join Kappa Delta?

Help Kappa Delta remain a leader among fraternal organizations and adapt to the ever-changing times while preserving the timeless values of charity, honor, truth and everlasting friendship that bind us together. Annual dues are $25, or you may pay a one-time fee of $295 for your lifetime dues.

What sororities are at University of Miami?

The Panhellenic Association is the largest student organization on our campus. The Panhellenic Association is home to seven sororities: Alpha Delta Pi, Chi Omega, Delta Delta Delta, Delta Phi Epsilon, Pi Beta Phi, Sigma Delta Tau and Zeta Tau Alpha.

What percent of Miami University is Greek?

And in reality, Miami is only about 30% Greek, which means 70% of our students are non-Greek.

Is Greek life big at Umiami?

Greek life is a big part of UM, but not as much as many people think. The percentage is something like 20% of students are in Greek life.

Are there sorority houses at Umiami?

Is Kappa Delta a top sorority?

Sorority Reputations

Sorority Name Tier Stereotype
Kappa Kappa Gamma top rich, cute, popular, not partyers
Alpha Chi Omega mid low-profile, down-to-earth, involved in service, not partyers
Pi Beta Phi top fake, social, pretty, not service-oriented
Kappa Delta top popular, diverse, social

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