What is the Groton School known for?

What is the Groton School known for?

Founded in the Episcopal tradition, Groton offers wide-ranging art, athletic and service programs, the variety of perspectives reflected in a diverse student body, and the unique leadership opportunity of the Groton prefect year.

Is Groton School good?

It ranks second in best private schools in Massachusetts. Niche also ranked it the best Christian high school in the commonwealth. The school moved up 12 spots on Niche’s best private high schools list this year. It ranked number 17 in 2021 and number 33 in 2020.

Is Groton a Catholic School?

Groton warmly welcomes and supports people of any faith. Though founded in the Episcopal tradition and still affiliated with the Episcopal Church, Groton has broadened its religious and spiritual offerings and meets the needs of a varied family.

What does Groton mean?

Possibly English, a habitational name from any of various places in Suffolk, probably named in Old English as ‘sandy or gravelly stream’.

What makes Groton unique?

Exceptional Scholarship. Increasingly rare are opportunities to study two languages or take six courses, but Groton students can. Superior performance on standardized tests, high rates of admission to selective colleges, and impressive performance in college and beyond demonstrate how well prepared our graduates are.

What grades do you need for Groton?

Many of the good boarding schools start at 9th grade. Groton one of the few that accepts at 8th. You aware of any others on the East coast start at 8th? My son did the ISEE a few month’s ago and averaged 89% with lowest individual category score of 87.

What is a good SSAT score for Groton?

2) Some schools want SSAT scores in the 80-90th+ percentiles. This is the case for more competitive and/or elite institutions, such as Phillips Exeter Academy, Philips Academy Andover, and Groton School.

What SSAT score do you need for Groton?

Korab1 shared: Groton has a roughly 13% acceptance rate and 93rd percentile SSAT average. Groton is also very small, meaning that they need every kid to contribute in multiple areas in order to maintain the vibrancy of the campus.

Is Groton hard to get into?

Groton prides itself on its decreasing and competitive acceptance rate. Simply put: it’s hard to get in. Mr. Pomeroy explains that with such a competitive applicant pool, Groton does not possess enough room to accommodate the number of applicants.