What is the highest Boa score ever?

What is the highest Boa score ever?

Johnson’s finals score of 96.625 was the highest score ever posted at a BOA super regional event held anywhere in the country — including St. Louis, Atlanta, and Indianapolis.

How long does Bands of America last?

As of 2019, Grand Nationals are open to as many as 112 bands, with performances taking place over three days. All bands participate in a preliminary competition, split between two rounds.

Where is Bands of America held 2021?

downtown Indianapolis
Twelve bands advance to finals on Saturday evening. Special exhibition groups in 2021 included Rutgers University, Murray State University and United Sound. All performances take place in Lucas Oil Stadium in downtown Indianapolis.

How many Boa bands are there?

Due to the successful Super Regional expansion in 2018, we will continue this format that allows a maximum of 84 participating bands utilizing two judging panels for preliminary competition.

How much does Bands of America cost?

All payments are non-refundable. If the trip is cancelled or postponed within 60 days of departure, October 26, 2021, no refunds will be issued. This is a separate policy from individual member trip insurance. The $2,379 package cost does not include airfare.

How many bands are in the BOA Grand Nationals 2021?

102 marching bands
The 2021 Bands of America Grand National Championships featured 102 marching bands from 20 states, including 99 competing bands plus three exhibition units.

Who will win Bands of America 2021?

MURRAY – On Saturday the Murray High School Tiger Band won the Bands of America Class A National Championship at the 2021 BOA Grand National Championships in Indianapolis, Indiana. In their Class A division the band received Outstanding Musical Performance and Outstanding General Effect.

How is Boa scored?

Music Performance scores are averaged–possible 20 points. Visual Performance scores are averaged–possible 20 points. The Music and Visual averages are added to the General Effect Music total (40) and G.E. visual score (20) for a possible total of 100 points. Any penalties are then deducted to calculate the final score.

How do you become a band of America?

Tickets are available online at MusicForAll.org or by phone at 800.848. BAND (800.848. 2263). Online tickets must be ordered at least two weeks prior to the event.

Who is the best high school marching band in Indiana?

The Avon marching band won the Class A state title, beating Carmel High School….Class D

  • Lewis Cass H.S. – Walton.
  • Fairfield H.S. – Goshen.
  • Springs Valley – French Lick.
  • Forest Park H.S. – Ferdinand.
  • Mater Dei H.S. – Evansville.
  • Southridge H.S. – Huntingburg.
  • Woodlan H.S. – Woodburn.
  • Tell City H.S.

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