What is the largest mall in North Carolina?

What is the largest mall in North Carolina?

SouthPark Mall
Stores. SouthPark Mall contains 177 stores, making it the largest mall in the Carolinas, and one of the largest by square footage on the East Coast of the United States.

Is SouthPark Mall bigger than Concord Mills?

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Rank Company Total leasable square feet
1 SouthPark 1,626,000
2 Concord Mills 1,329,000
3 Carolina Place 1,200,000

How far is SouthPark from downtown Charlotte?

How far is it from Charlotte to SouthPark Mall? The distance between Charlotte and SouthPark Mall is 5 miles. The road distance is 6.6 miles.

Did South Park Mall sell?

In April 2012, the mall was sold to Starwood Capital Group, along with seven other Westfield properties. As a result, Starwood changed the name to SouthPark Mall.

Who owns Southpark Mall Charlotte?

Simon Property GroupSouthPark / Owner

What is the most popular mall in North Carolina?

Greenville Mall. Shopping Malls.

  • Jacksonville Mall. Shopping Malls.
  • Needful Things Antique Mall. Antique Shops • Shopping Malls.
  • Brightleaf Square. 191.
  • Asheville Mall. Shopping Malls.
  • Troy Antique Mall. Antique Shops • Shopping Malls.
  • Crabtree Valley Mall. 234.
  • White Owl Antique Mall. Antique Shops • Shopping Malls. Open now.
  • Who owns SouthPark Mall Charlotte?

    Is SouthPark NC safe?

    SouthPark – The Safest Charlotte Neighborhood Known as the safest neighborhood in all of Charlotte, SouthPark has a ton to offer its residents. With a crime rate that’s 33% lower than Downtown, you can count on your family being safe.

    Is SouthPark North Carolina safe?

    The SouthPark neighborhood is one of the safest areas in Charlotte and boasts some of the best schools, shopping areas, and lowest crime rates around.

    When did SouthPark Mall open?

    February 12, 1970SouthPark / Opened

    What happened to South Park?

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