What is the main difference between OSPF and EIGRP?

What is the main difference between OSPF and EIGRP?

EIGRP is a proprietary gateway protocol that contains optimisations intended to minimise routing instability incurred after topology changes; OSPF is a dynamic routing protocol that is used specifically for the IP networks. 2. EIGRP collects data in three tables; OSPF routes IP packets within a single routing domain.

Is OSPF intra or inter?

Both Intra and Inter-Area routes are also called OSPF Internal routes, as they are generated by OSPF itself, when an interface is covered with the OSPF network command.

What type of LSA is inter area in OSPF?

Common LSA 20-byte Packet Header

LSA Function Code LS Type Description
1 0x2001 Router-LSA
2 0x2002 Network-LSA
3 0x2003 Inter-Area-Prefix-LSA Also referred to as Summary-LSA in OSPFv2.
4 0x2004 Inter-Area-Router-LSA Also referred to as ASBR-Summary-LSA in OSPFv2.

Can you run EIGRP and OSPF at the same time?

you can run them both but the AD of EIGRP is 90 , OSPF 110 Eigrp routes will be preferred .

Which route source is more trustworthy internal EIGRP or OSPF?

It will choose the route with the lowest cost as the better choice. There are a few other variations that may affect the decision about which routing protocol to use. The first is the institutional separation, with internal EIGRP being more reliable than OSPF. As a result, OSPF has a lower distance value than EIGRP.

Why would you choose OSPF over EIGRP?

The scalability of the OSPF is higher than EIGRP because EIGRP is complicated and vendor-specific and incapable of migrating from one vendor to the other. Conversely, OSPF is an open standard and simple protocol through which the network can be scaled easily.

Which routing protocol is best and why?

Many network engineers believe that EIGRP is the best choice for a routing protocol on private networks because it provides the best balance between speed, scalability, and ease of management.

What is transit area in OSPF?

Per the OSPF definition, a transit area is the area that has a virtual-link connecting two or more ABRs attached to this area. Thus, having a virtual-link provisioned across the area is the necessary thing to make the area transit. In fact, it’s just an alternate definition of a transit area.

What is Area 0 called in OSPF?

Backbone Area
Backbone Area This is the central area in your OSPF routing domain which all areas must connect to. This area is labeled area 0 (or the longhand version 0.0. 0.0).

Which is a difference between OSPFv2 and OSPFv3?

OSPFv2 stands for Open Shortest Path First version 2 and OSPFv3 stands for Open Shortest Path First version 3. OSPFv2 is the IPv4’s OSPF version, whereas OSPFv3 is the IPv6’s OSPF version. In OSPFv2, many OSPF instances per interface are not supported, whereas in OSPFv3, many OSPF instances per interface are supported.

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