What is the main theme of The Boarding House?

What is the main theme of The Boarding House?

In The Boarding House by James Joyce we have the theme of powerlessness, social opinion, paralysis and marriage.

What is the Epiphany in The Boarding House?

The major epiphany in this story was Polly and Mr. Doran’s, both have the desire of wanting to escape from being forced into marriage, but due to social conventions, escaping is nearly impossible or would be difficult to do.

Why did Mr Mooney move out The Boarding House?

He wanted to escape his family responsibilities so he could pursue a career. Mrs. Mooney got a separation from him; consequently, he had to move out and support himself.

Why does Mr Doran marry Polly?

Also, he is concerned that Polly might try to “put an end to herself,” and he fears the wrath of Polly’s brother Jack. Despite the fact that he does not love her, and that his family will look down on the marriage because the Mooneys belong to an inferior social class, Doran agrees to wed Polly.

Why does Mr Doran have to marry Polly?

Like those other two parents, Mrs Mooney is out to protect numero uno. She actually wants Mr Doran to marry Polly because she’d been thinking of sending Polly back to typing school anyway, and because she knows that it’s probably a better marriage than Polly would get otherwise.

What does the term epiphany mean for Joyce?

a sudden manifestation of deity
Joyce’s Epiphanies. The Feast of the Epiphany is celebrated in the Christian calendar on 6 January each year, and commemorates the revelation of Jesus’ divinity to the Magi, the three wise men who had followed the star to Christ’s birthplace. Derived from Greek, the word ‘epiphany’ means a sudden manifestation of deity …

How did Joyce define epiphany?

According to Joyce, epiphany is the moment when “the soul of the commonest object… seems to us radiant, and may be manifested through any chance, word, or gesture.” This makes it clear that epiphany is a powerful rhetorical device that reveals character growth.

Who is the protagonist in the story the boarding house?

Mrs. Mooney
The protagonist of the story, Mrs. Mooney is Polly’s mother and the owner of the boarding house. She is a formidable woman with a scheme to marry her daughter off.

What kind of woman Mrs Mooney is?

Mrs. Mooney was a butcher’s daughter. She was a woman who was quite able to keep things to herself: a determined woman.

What is Mr Doran occupation in the boarding house?

Doran has held a steady job for 13 years working for a Catholic wine merchant. Despite “sowing his wild oats” (that is, having many sexual relationships) and flirting with atheist ideas as a young man, Mr. Doran has led a respectable life for several years now.