What is the main use of Monmsg in as400?

What is the main use of Monmsg in as400?

MONMSG Introduction-Go4As400.com. The monitor message (MONMSG) command monitors for the escape/status/notification messages that exist in a program at run time and allows us to take the corrective action for those messages. The messages are sent to the program message queue for the conditions specified in the command.

What are the types of Monmsg command?

The Monitor Message (MONMSG) command is used to monitor escape, notify, and status messages sent to the program message queue of the program in which the command is used. Other message types (completion, diagnostic, etc.)

What is Rgzpfm?

The Reorganize Physical File Member (RGZPFM) command removes deleted records from (compresses) one member of a physical file in the database, and it optionally reorganizes that member.

What is CPF9999 in as400?

CPF9999 is a specific error message. It just happens to be the message that describes what happens when you don’t trap the error with a MONMSG(CPF0000). So, you’re capturing the error that says you’re program has failed, instead of capturing the error that caused the failure.

What is data area in as400?

ü A data area is an object used to store the shared data of different jobs running on the system. ü It is permanent storage.

How many files can be declared CL?

one file
Only one file can be declared in a CL program or ILE CL procedure with *NONE as the open file identifier.

What is access path in as400?

Access path describes the order in which records are to be read. · Access paths can be kept on the system permanently (such as physical or logical file) or temporarily. · OPNQRYF command may create a temporary access path for use one time, and then discard the access path.

What is CPF0000?

ppp0000. Monitors for every message with a generic message identifier that begins with a specific licensed program ( ppp ). For example, CPF0000 indicates that all notify, status, and escape messages beginning with CPF are monitored.

What is Infds in Rpgle?

A file information data structure (INFDS) can be defined for each file to make file exception/error and file feedback information available to the program or procedure. The file information data structure, which must be unique for each file, must be defined in the same scope as the file.

What is the maximum size of data area in as400?

ü The size of the PDA is 2000 bytes but the number of parameter contained in it is not restricted.

What is subfile in as400?

A subfile is nothing but just displaying records in tabular format on a display device. · It can be an editable tabular format due to which it can be used in data entry screen, inquiry(static) screen or combination of both i.e. editing the information for a particular inquiry.