What is the material of the VAC GranuFoam?

What is the material of the VAC GranuFoam?

GranuFoam Silver Dressing, or V.A.C.’WhiteFoam Dressing), tubing and drape are packaged sterile and are latex free. V.A.C. ‘ Therapy Unit canisters are packaged sterile or fluid path sterile and are latex-free. All disposable components of the V.A.C.’Therapy System are for single use only.

What is wound VAC foam called?

Designed to Adapt to Irregular Wound Contours, V.A.C. ® GRANUFOAM™ Dressings Allow Caregivers to Use V.A.C. ® Therapy for a Wide Variety of Chronic, Acute & Sub-Acute Wounds.

What is a VAC GranuFoam dressing used for?

Introduction: V.A.C.(®) GranuFoam™ therapy is regularly used in the surgical therapy of infected wounds and soft tissue injuries. Silver nanoparticles can destroy bacterial cell walls and inhibit enzymes for cell replication. Silver dressings are therefore successfully used for many indications in wound therapy.

Who owns fabric Innovations?

Deborah Herman
Fabric Innovations is led by Founder & President, Deborah Herman. Deborah has applied over 36 years of experience within the hospitality industry to product design and development, and has received numerous awards throughout her career.

What is the difference between white foam and black foam for wound vac?

Black foam should be used to promote the formation of granulation tissue and wound contraction; white foam should be used if the black foam is very uncomfortable for the patient (due to its increased density) or when you want to encourage wound epithelialization.

How do you remove VAC dressing?

Remove old dressing. If adhered to wound base, moisten old foam with normal saline. Alternatively, saline can be instilling through tubing connection and left to stand 5-10 minutes. Cleanse wound bed with normal saline or wound cleanser to remove debris.

How does a VAC dressing work?

During a VAC procedure, a healthcare professional applies a foam bandage over an open wound, and a vacuum pump creates negative pressure around the wound. This means the pressure over the wound is lower than the pressure in the atmosphere. The pressure pulls the edges of the wound together.

How do you seal a wound vac?

Clean the wound and thoroughly dry the skin around it‌ Place a foam or gauze dressing (bandage) directly on the wound. Cover this dressing with a clear film that seals to the skin around the wound‌ Insert a tube into a small opening in the clear film and connect the other end to a vacuum pump.