What is the meaning of nagamese?

What is the meaning of nagamese?

Nagamese (“Naga Pidgin”) is an Assamese-lexified creole language which, depending on location, has also been described and classified as an “extended pidgin” or “pidgincreole”.

How are you translate in nagamese?

Nagamese language translation: What is your name? Toi laga naam ki ase? How are you?

How do you say good in nagamese?

The spread of Nagamese according to Sreedhar (M.V….Survival Phrases in Nagamese: the Lingua Franca of Nagaland.

Nagamese English gloss Hindi Gloss
beya bad बुरा
bhaat rice चावल
bhal good अच्छा
bhekuli frog मेंढक

Why nagamese is important in Nagaland?

Nagamese Language is playing a vital role in our society be it in rural or urban areas, Nagamese represent the basic communication medium for all the Nagas in Nagaland especially at grassroots level to those people who doesn’t speak English and Hindi for them Nagamese is the only medium to expressing their desires, so …

How do we say thank you in nagamese?

Thank you for coming. Npezié nå vårr tse la.

What language does Nagaland speak?

In 1967, the Nagaland Assembly proclaimed Indian English as the official language of Nagaland and it is the medium for education in Nagaland. Other than English, Nagamese, a creole language based on Assamese, is widely spoken.

Is Assamese and nagamese same?

Nagamese is a mix of mainly Assamese and languages spoken by 16 major Naga communities in Nagaland and it also includes words from English, Hindi, Bengali, and Nepali. The language is written in Roman script.

Is nagamese the official language of Nagaland?

The Nagaland languages accord with the Tibetan -Burmese group of languages. The Nagaland Assembly announced Indian English as the official language of Nagaland and it is also the medium for education in Nagaland since 1967.

Do you love me in nagamese?

Do you love me? Toi/ apni moi k morom kura? Yes, I love you. Hoi, moi thoi/ apni ka morom kura.

What is Hello Mizo?

Chibai or Ekhai are the words used to say hello or hi in Mizo which is mainly spoken in Mizoram and Chibai is also a way to greet people in Mizo.