What is the meaning of norsok?

What is the meaning of norsok?

NORSOK stands for Norsk Sokkels Konkurranseposisjon (the competitive position of the Norwegian continental shelf). The NORSOK standards are feature-based. This means that requirements are set out with regard to product features rather than how they are manufactured.

What is meant by well integrity?

Well integrity refers to maintaining full control of fluids within a well at all times, in order to prevent unintended fluid movement or loss of containment to the environment. Well integrity policy defines commitments and obligations to safeguard health, safety, environment, assets, and reputation.

What is a well control barrier system?

Well Control and Barrier Definitions. • A “Well Barrier Element” is defined as a component part of a well designed to prevent fluids. or gases from flowing unintentionally from a formation, into another formation or to escape at surface.

What is wellhead integrity?

Tree and wellhead integrity This refers to the integrity of the surface (or subsea) equipment. The wellhead and the tree are typically suitably engineered to be able to withstand the normal operating pressures.

What is casing integrity test?

A Formation Integrity Test (FIT) is a test of the strength and integrity of a new formation and it is the first step after drilling a casing shoe track. An accurate evaluation of a casing cement job and of the formation is extremely important during the drilling of a well and for subsequent work.

What is primary well barrier?

Primary well barrier is the first enclosure that prevents flow from a potential source of flow. Secondary well barrier is the second enclosure that also prevents flow from the potential source of inflow.

What are the types of well control equipment?

Bottom Hole Pressure. Primary & secondary well control. Surface well control equipment. Well barrier concept.

What is norsok approval?

NORSOK standards are developed by the Norwegian petroleum industry to ensure adequate safety, value adding and cost effectiveness for petroleum industry developments and operations.