What is the meaning of Seiten Taisei?

What is the meaning of Seiten Taisei?

Equaling Heaven Great Sage
“Seiten Taisei” is the Japanese translation of the Chinese name “Qitian Dasheng” (齊天大聖) which translates to “Equaling Heaven Great Sage,” a title Sun Wukong placed on himself when trying to win the respect of the heavens the second time by force.

Who is GOKO SMT V?

Goko is a monk of Jozoji Temple in the real world Tokyo, and a loyal follower of Buddhism. He gives the protagonist a Return Pillar during their first encounter in Da’at.

How strong is Sun Wukong?

Sun Wukong was known to have incredible strength, being able to travel high speed, (he could cover 108,000 li in one leap), knowing 72 transformations, which allowed him to transform into various animals and objects.

Is Jin Mori a God?

He is one of the Nine Kings of the Sage Realm and reigns over Mount Hwagwa. He is also ageless because he is reborn in another form each time he ‘dies. ‘ In the final episode of God of High School, Park Mujin confirmed that Jin Mori is not a power borrower and is in fact God.

What is the strongest Charyeok?

Hercules is the charyeok of Samuel Rosinante. It is named one of the most powerful charyeok in the world.

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