What is the meaning of the song Down to the River to Pray?

What is the meaning of the song Down to the River to Pray?

Whatever its origin might truly be, the deeply spiritual song is about keeping the faith in a time of darkness. “As I went down in the river to pray, studying about that good ol’ way.

Who else sang down by the river?

Down by the River (Neil Young song)

“Down by the River”
Label Reprise
Songwriter(s) Neil Young
Producer(s) Neil Young David Briggs
Neil Young and Crazy Horse singles chronology

What movie is Down to the River to Pray?

O Brother, Where Art Thou?Down To The River To Pray / Movie

What does it mean to go down to the river?

phrase. If someone sells you down the river, they betray you for some personal profit or advantage. He has been sold down the river by the people who were supposed to protect him.

When was the song Down by the River written?

“Down by the River” (Albert Hammond song), a 1972 folk song, re-released in 1975. “Down by the River” (Bliss n Eso song), 2010.

Who wrote the song down by the river?

Neil YoungDown by the River / Composer

Where did sold down the river saying come from?

The phrase to sell down the river originated in the history of American slavery: the river was the Mississippi and down implied the transfer of slaves from north to south.

Who wrote about slaves being sold down the river?

Probably from the practice in the U.S., prior to the American Civil War, of trading in slaves who were transported via the Mississippi River: 1885, Mark Twain, Huckleberry Finn, ch. 42: “[H]e ain’t no slave. . . .

What does it mean to walk by someone?

To “walk by” someone means to walk past them. These would all count as “walking by” someone: Person A is standing in a hallway, and Person B walks down the hallway past Person A’s position. Person A is sitting on a bench facing a sidewalk.