What is the message of Double Indemnity?

What is the message of Double Indemnity?

“Double Indemnity” has one of the most familiar noir themes: The hero is not a criminal, but a weak man who is tempted and succumbs. In this “double” story, the woman and man tempt one another; neither would have acted alone.

Who is Lola boyfriend Double Indemnity?

Nino Zachetti Nino is Lola’s boyfriend, and he is poised to become yet another fly that gets trapped in Phyllis Dietrichson’s sticky web of evil. After killing Phyllis and dying of a gunshot wound himself, Walter strives for some small redemption by telling Nino to go back to the woman who truly loves him.

Why is it called Double Indemnity?

(“Double indemnity” refers to the insurance policy clause that calls for the beneficiary to be paid twice the face value of the policy in case of the policyholder’s accidental death.)

Is Double Indemnity a love story?

In fact, I would go as far as to say that Double Indemnity is more of a love story between Walter Neff (Fred MacMurray) and his boss, Barton Keyes (Edward G. Robinson), than it is one between Neff and Phyllis (Barbara Stanwyck).

What happens at the end of Double Indemnity book?

With “nothing ahead of” them (Cain, p. 113), they finally decide to jump off the ship and commit suicide.

What happened at the end of Double Indemnity?

The original ending to the Cain novella called for the characters to commit double suicide. Suicide, however, was strictly forbidden at the time by the Production Code as a way to resolve a plot, so Wilder wrote and filmed a different ending in which Neff goes to the gas chamber while Keyes watches.

What does Lola tell Walter when she calls?

She tells Walter that her mother died of pneumonia in a winter cabin on a lake, and it so happens that the companion who was with her was her nurse, Phyllis. The hackles stand up on the back of Walter’s neck. As Lola tells it…

What are Neff’s final words to Phyllis?

I couldn’t even guess. The film returns to the present (4:30 am) in Neff’s office, where he is recording his dying confession to Keyes. His final words into the dictaphone are a request for a fatherly favor: I want you to be the one to tell Lola, kinda gently before it breaks wide open.

How does Double Indemnity end?

How is Walter Neff an anti-hero?

Walter is a troubled anti-hero who is not a necessary evil but easily manipulated, which is a key feature of Noir. This allows audiences to sympathize with the character who is in the process of becoming morally corrupted and how flexible our morality can become when faced with difficult choices.

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