What is the most English speaking country in Asia?

What is the most English speaking country in Asia?

Among the 25 Asian nations, the five countries with the highest English proficiency were.

  • #1 Singapore. With an EPI score of 66.82, Singapore also ranked fifth among non-native English speaking countries globally – behind Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.
  • #2 Philippines.
  • #3 Malaysia.
  • #4 Hong Kong, China.
  • #5 India.

Which is the third largest English speaking country?

The Philippines

Which country speaks English most in the world?

Which Countries Have the Most English Speakers?

  • United States: 268M.
  • India: 125M.
  • Pakistan :
  • The Philippines: 90M.
  • Nigeria: 79M.
  • The United Kingdom: 59.6M.
  • The Netherlands: 15M English Speakers.
  • Denmark: 4.8M English Speakers.

Which country speaks the most correct English?

The Netherlands

Why should we preserve endangered languages?

For the sake of the speakers of endangered languages, for the sake of us all, we must preserve the world’s languages as we search for answers and work to ensure linguistic diversity for generations to come.

What languages are going extinct?

UNESCO languages by degress of endangeredness

Name in English Number of speakers Degree of endangerment
Belarusian 4000000 Vulnerable
Lombard 3500000 Definitely endangered
Romani 3500000 Definitely endangered
Yiddish (Israel) 3000000 Definitely endangered

Why is it important to preserve language?

When a language dies out, future generations lose a vital part of the culture that is necessary to completely understand it. This makes language a vulnerable aspect of cultural heritage, and it becomes especially important to preserve it. More than 3,000 languages are reportedly spoken by fewer than 10,000 people each.

Which country has the most attractive accent?

Revealed: British accents are the world’s sexiest In a result that’ll strike some (not least, most Brits) as unexpected, British accents took a whacking 25 percent of the overall vote. The British accent was voted the absolute hottest on earth, coming top in countries as far-flung as Sweden, China, India and the USA.

What is the cutest accent in the world?

Among the sexiest accents according to women were Scottish, Irish, Italian, French and Spanish, while for men it was Spanish, Brazillian Portuguese, Australian, French and American.

What is the most beautiful accent in Asia?


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