What is the NAV card table?

What is the NAV card table?

The NAV table is a buildable appearing in TranZit, Die Rise and Buried as a part of the Easter eggs Tower of Babble, High Maintenance, and Mined Games, as well as Buried’s endgame. As such, its parts only spawn in the “Original” difficulty.

What does the turbine do TranZit?

This can be built and used in TranZit and Buried, as well as obtained in Borough. This can be used to open doors that require a source of power, turn on Perk-a-Cola machines, turn on the Pack-a-Punch, reactivate the bus, and activate other buildables.

What does the TranZit Easter Egg do?

Tower of Babble is the main Easter Egg for the map Green Run, and can only be done on TranZit. It requires at least two players to complete! After completing the first few steps, alternate paths can be taken to help out either Dr. Maxis or Dr.

How do you make a Navcard table?

There are four parts that make up the Navcard Table….The Steps

  1. Three players pick up the Board, the Card Reader, and the Electrical Panel.
  2. Teleport back to the beginning.
  3. Build the parts on the Navcard Table Building Area.
  4. Pick up the Meteor and build it onto the table.

What do you do with the turbine in bo2?

The Turbine’s uses are as follows:

  1. Opening certain doors.
  2. Powering up Perk-a-Cola machines prior to the power being turned on.
  3. Powering up streetlights prior to the power being turned on.
  4. Providing power to the buildables Electric Trap and Turret.

What does the turbine do in buried?

The Turbine is powering the Subsurface Resonator. The Wind Turbine has resurfaced in Buried. It appears that its main purpose is to power the Subsurface Resonator, but there are some uses that are not yet found. The Turbine was last seen in the original Black Ops 2 Zombie map, Tranzit: Green Run.

How do you beat TranZit?

Him can easily be defeated by using an EMP Grenade from the Mystery Box. Defeating him without being damaged will unlock the You Have No Power Over Me achievement / trophy. Another less easy way to kill Him is to use the Galvaknuckles which can beat him but only after quite a few hits.

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