What is the plopping technique?

What is the plopping technique?

Plopping is a technique that uses a cotton T-shirt (or pillowcase, or microfiber towel) to dry your wet curls in a self-contained mound on top of your head, helping to increase definition and cut down on frizz. Basically, it’s the curly-approved alternative to twisting a towel around your head.

How long should Wavies plop?

20 to 30 minutes
Plopping wavy hair is a simple technique. Some people plop their hair at night and leave it on to dry until the morning. Other people plop quickly for 20 to 30 minutes. Play around with this technique until you find the perfect amount of time for your hair.

Can you lay down while plopping hair?

Plopping is a method to help encourage curl formation and prevent frizz while drying, developed by the Naturally Curly curl community years ago. By sleeping with your hair in a plop overnight, your curls will be held in place so they don’t dry all funky and weird if you move in your sleep.

Does plopping add volume?

Thin or limp-haired ladies, listen up: plopping your hair helps create volume. Air drying loose hair can create static (remember, static = frizz) as the curls move against each other. Hair plopping, however, can add lasting volume to your tresses as it keeps the curls compact.

Does plopping give volume?

Why is it called plopping?

Everything You Need To Know About Hair Plopping First up, what’s with the name? Well, the clue is in the name – the idea being that you simply ‘plop’ wet hair onto a cotton t-shirt or similar, wrap it up, let it dry and voila, exceptional curls every time.

How do you micro plop?

How to Micro-Plop

  1. Starting with wet hair, apply product and style your curls as usual.
  2. Drape your t-shirt over your hands and cup sections of your wet curls in your palms scrunching upwards.
  3. Repeat this motion, working gently and slowly on all of your hair.

How long does plopped hair take to dry?

10 to 20 minutes
Plopping requires no heat and shortens drying time, so you’re ready in 10 to 20 minutes. If you’re ready to give your hair its best plop, here is the effortless three-step routine.

How long does plopping take to dry?