What is the plot of Men of Honor?

What is the plot of Men of Honor?

Carl Brashear (Cuba Gooding Jr.) is an ambitious sharecropper who joins the U.S. Navy to become the world’s first black master diver. But as he works through diving training, the bitter and racist Master Chief Billy Sunday (Robert De Niro) sets out to make Carl’s journey as difficult as possible. Despite the entire Navy doubting his potential and sabotaging his training, the determined Carl proves that he can overcome the discrimination around him.Men Of Honor / Film synopsis

Why is the movie Men of Honor rated R?

Parents need to know that this movie’s R rating is primarily based on salty Navy language, including racist comments. Characters are in peril and one is badly injured. There are some sexual references. Characters have alcohol problems and one is shown in rehab.

Who played Carl Brashear?

Cuba Gooding Jr.
Cuba Gooding Jr.: Chief Carl Brashear.

What is Master Chief Sunday’s nickname for Carl?

What nickname does Master Chief Sunday call Carl? Cookie. He calls him that because during their service together on the USS Hoist, the Chief remembered Carl as nothing more than a Navy cook.

How heavy was the diving suit in men of honor?

290 pounds
Chief Sunday has been ordered to wait outside the courtroom by Captain Hanks. Captain Hanks outlines a new requirement for Navy Divers- a new diving suit, weighing in at 290 pounds has been approved for use and anyone wanting to use it must take 12 steps unassisted.

What is the theme of men of honor?

The film Men Of Honor is about how Brashear fights his way to the top of the American navy, overcoming racial oppression and large-scale injustice against the blacks in America. The film mainly focuses on the conflict between officer ‘Billy’ Sunday and Brashear.

What is the theme of Men of Honor?

Why did Carl decide to have his leg amputated?

During the mission, Brashear was struck below his left knee by a pipe that the crew was using to hoist the bomb out of the water. Brashear was airlifted to a naval hospital where the bottom of his left leg was amputated to avoid gangrene.

Was Carl Brashear a real person?

Carl Maxie Brashear (January 19, 1931 – July 25, 2006) was a United States Navy sailor. He was a master diver, rising to the position in 1970, despite having his left leg amputated in 1966. The film Men of Honor was based on his life.

What ship was Men of Honor filmed on?

The sequence depicting the accident was filmed in Long Beach, California, on the deck of the Navy ship USS Navaho.