What is the plot of What If?

What is the plot of What If?

The series explores alternate timelines in the multiverse that show what would happen if major moments from the MCU films occurred differently.

Does If only have a happy ending?

The film ends with a montage of Samantha packing up the apartment she shared with Ian while looking at his watch, finally getting to the top of the mountain that she tried to climb with Ian while stopping at the cabin that they stopped at, and then performing onstage while wearing the bracelet that Ian gave her with …

What is the F word or if?

The F Word (released in some countries as What If?) is a 2013 romantic comedy film directed by Michael Dowse and written by Elan Mastai, based on TJ Dawe’s and Michael Rinaldi’s play Toothpaste and Cigars.

Where can I watch the movie what if with Kevin Sorbo?

What If …, a drama movie starring Kevin Sorbo, Kristy Swanson, and Debby Ryan is available to stream now. Watch it on Apple TV on your Roku device.

Did Sean sleep with Anne in What If?

So, what happens during Sean and Anne’s night together? Well, nothing actually. They do not have sex. The experiment was not designed for Anne to sleep with a younger man, it was designed to create trust issues between Lisa and Sean so that they would eventually break up.

What is the ending of What If?

Hayley Atwell’s Peggy Carter gets the final word in What If, which is fitting since the show started with her too. After being plucked out of her universe by the Watcher to join his Guardians of the Multiverse, she returns to her world while in the middle of fighting Batroc the Leaper.

What happens to Emma a day?

One Day(2011) After about 20 years, Emma and Dexter finally get together and get married. A couple of years of being together, Emma is hit by a bus and dies, and Dexter falls apart again.

What Disney movies end sad?

10 Animated Movies That Don’t Have Happy Endings

  1. 1 The Brave Little Toaster Sees The Toaster Dying To Save Rob.
  2. 2 Coco Has A Great Deal Of Grief In The End.
  3. 3 Wall-E Promises A Grim Future For Humanity.
  4. 4 The Lion King Has A High Body Count And A Long Way To Go.

What if questions grammar?

We use what if at the beginning of a question when we are asking about the consequences of an action, particularly one that is undesirable. We refer in this way to present or future circumstances: What if I am made redundant and have no work? What shall we do then?