What is the poem about the swing?

What is the poem about the swing?

‘The Swing’ by Robert Louis Stevenson is a simple profession of love for the joys of swinging told from the perspective by a young speaker. The poem begins with the speaker asking the listener how much they like to swing up into the blue air. This is a rhetorical question, as seen by the speaker’s quick response.

Why does the poet find the swing interesting?

It is the most pleasant and joyful thing a child does by swinging up in the air so high. The poet further says that by swinging in the air, he can see across the wall, many things like trees, river, cattle and all other such things. This way, he keeps on swinging up and down watching the nature and enjoys the ride.

How does the child feel about the swing?

Answer: the child describes that it is the most pleasant thing which a child can do and swinging on it we see across the world………we feel great going up and down….

What are the things the author sees when he is on a swing?

He has seen the starry hours And the springing of the flowers; And the fairy things that pass In the forests of the grass. In the silence he has heard Talking bee and ladybird, And the butterfly has flown O’er him as he lay alone. Not a word will he disclose, Not a word of all he knows.

What do you mean by theme of a poem?

Theme is the lesson or message of the poem. Does the poem have something to say about life or human nature? That message would be the theme, and there can be more than one theme for a single poem, even something as short as ‘We Real Cool’!

How does the poet feel when the swing goes up?

Answer: Robert Louis Stevenson is explaining in this poem how childish mind can swing as per its wish. No one can guarantee what this mind will think at any situation. Sometimes it will feel to fly, sometimes it will feel to walk on water and sometimes it will feel to get disappear.

How does the swing move?

Swings work by converting potential energy into kinetic energy, then kinetic energy back into potential energy, over and over again. The kinetic energy is the fast part of swinging; it’s the speed you have as you rush back and forth. Potential energy is the high part of swinging.

What is the child doing in the poem swinging?

(a) According to the poet, playing on the swing is the pleasantest thing a child can do. (b) In the poem, the child goes up in the air on the swing. (c) The child noticed that the colour of the roof is brown. (b) The child can see the countryside over the wall.

What do you see when you are in a swing answer?

Answer: Answer. Explanation: When the child swings this high they are able to see “so wide.” In the flashes they get of the land beyond the wall they see “Rivers and trees and cattle and all.” They are wild images, things that can only been seen, at least from that perspective, from the swing.

What did the child in the poem think when he used the swing?

He says about playing with a swing and enjoying the breeze and wind and he was all energetic and high in sprits and when he recalls those times with his present, he does not even have the energy to lift a brow. The pool water was very cool and enjoyable, but now it is not even sufficient to cool his fever.

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