What is the price of cattle in Missouri?

What is the price of cattle in Missouri?

Live sales were mostly steady from 140.00-147.00 and dressed sales were steady to 2.00 higher at mostly 232.00. The Missouri Stocker Formula consist of 5239 head with a weighted average weight of 527.82 lbs. and a price value of 187.78, 0.07 higher than last week.

Who owns Joplin Regional Stockyards?

Dustin Eldridge – Co Owner – Joplin Regional Stockyards Inc.

Where is the biggest stockyard in the US?

Located within historic Stockyards City, the Oklahoma National Stockyards is the largest stocker/feeder cattle market in the world.

Why did Chicago stockyards close?

Its decline was due to further advances in post–World War II transportation and distribution. Direct sales of livestock from breeders to packers, facilitated by advancement in interstate trucking, made it cheaper to slaughter animals where they were raised and excluded the intermediary stockyards.

Are steers or bulls worth more?

While figure 1 shows the differential at 550 lbs, its’ also worth noting that the differential between bulls and steers tends to wider as weight increases….The Value of Selling Steer Calves vs Bull Calves.

Value of 550 lb bull, initial price of $155 per cwt
$10 / cwt price slide $0.94 per lb
$15 / cwt price slide $0.64 per lb
Lbs needed to add $60 of value per head

What happened to the Kansas city Stockyards?

Business dropped off dramatically after the Great Flood of 1951 which devastated the stockyards and associated businesses and slaughterhouses. After the flood, the stockyards never recovered. The stockyards straddled the state line across the Kansas river with two thirds of it in Kansas and one third in Missouri.

What are the 4 companies that control 80 of beef supply?

Cargill, Tyson Foods, JBS, and National Beef, for example, control about 80 percent (more than 25 million pounds) of the U.S. beef supply to the wholesale market.

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