What is the proper way to cut a tree to fall?

What is the proper way to cut a tree to fall?

Create a hinge in the trunk to steer the tree as it falls to the ground to ensure the tree falls the right way. To ensure your tree falls in the right direction, create a directional cut on the same side as you want the tree to fall. Next, make the felling cut by creating a horizontal cut from the opposite side.

What are the five steps of tree felling?

You must carry out each step of the five step felling plan to do the job safely and properly.

  • 1 Assess the site. • Assess the stand for hazards – the terrain, roads, tracks, other operations, powerlines.
  • 2 Assess the tree. •
  • 3 Prepare work area and escape.
  • 4 Use the correct, safe felling.
  • 5 Retreat and look up! •

How do you fell a leaning tree with a chainsaw?

How Do You Fell a Leaning Tree With a Chainsaw?

  1. Cut off large branches, to reduce weight and leverage.
  2. Make a notch on the tree, in the direction you want it to fall.
  3. Begin a felling cut from the opposite side of the tree.
  4. Drive wedges into the felling cut.
  5. Complete your felling cut.

What is the second step in the five step felling plan?

#2 – Assess the side lean – This often determines whether or not the hinge will hold and whether or not you may need to remove some weight from the “bad” side. This also provides the information necessary to determine the “good” and “bad” sides of the tree for the feller to stand when making the final cut.

How do you cut down a tree that is hung up on another tree?

  1. Create a slider bed. Lay branches and poles on the ground in front of the trunk to form a surface /slider bed.
  2. Make the backside cut.
  3. Place a wedge.
  4. Saw the front side cut.
  5. Knock the wedge.
  6. The hung-up tree slides backwards.
  7. If needed, lever with a pole.
  8. If needed, repeat the process.