What is the punishment in canto 13?

What is the punishment in canto 13?

Dante’s excessive pity incapacitates and almost paralyzes him (just as it earlier made him faint around Francesca). The suicides’ punishment is fitting in that, having disdained their bodies by enacting their own death, they are now separated from their bodies and transformed into something else (trees).

What sinners are in canto 13?

The souls in this ring—those who were violent against themselves or their possessions (Suicides and Squanderers, respectively)—have been transformed into trees. Virgil tells the damaged tree-soul to tell his story to Dante so that Dante may spread the story on Earth.

What is the Contrapasso of canto 13?

In Canto 13, contrapasso shows its authority in Hell with the Forest of Suicides. “When the fierce soul departs from the body it… falls into the wood, and no place is assigned to it, but where chance hurls it, there it sprouts like a grain of spelt.

How does Dante describe the tree in Canto 13?

Virgil and Dante now enter into a pathless wood. This is a dismal wood of strange black leaves, misshapen branches, and poisonous branches barren of fruit.

How does Dante describe the wood of the suicides?

In “The Inferno”, Dante describes the Woods of Suicide as consisting of thorny and gnarled trees which are the souls of those who committed suicide. The Harpies tormented the souls by breaking the branches and snapping limbs only to have them grow back again.

What does the Old man of Crete symbolize?

In the second half of Inferno 14, the parable of the Old Man of Crete illuminates the same principle, by showing us that human history is decadence and by teaching us that the rivers of Hell are made of human tears.

Who were Lano and Jacomo?

The first is Jacomo da Sant’ Andrea; the second is Lano. Both these men killed themselves violently. Lano identifies himself as a former resident of Florence. More summaries and resources for teaching or studying The Inferno.

What are the punishments in Purgatorio?

The only punishment mentioned was fire. One important part of the standard view of Purgatory in Dante’s day was that, after death, it was no longer possible to have freedom of choice. This meant that the souls in Purgatory were not expected to become morally better: it was too late for that.

Why does Dante gather the leaves from the ground and place them back near the tree?

1. Dante gathers the leaves because he loves Italy. 2. The rain of fire refers to the words which blaspheme and shower down on others.

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