What is the purpose of Ardenweald?

What is the purpose of Ardenweald?

Ardenweald serves as an afterlife for mortal souls who shared a close bond with the natural cycle, like druids, hunters, and shaman. Upon arrival, these souls can choose an animal form infused with Ardenweald’s celestial magic and spend an eternity caring for the wilds.

What are the tree people in Ardenweald called?

The tirnenn are an enigmatic tree-like race native to Ardenweald. They are the eldest of the Fae Court—quiet, thoughtful, and generally friendly unless outsiders threaten their groves.

Where is the inn in Ardenweald?

Angwyrdmn is a tirnenn innkeeper located in Root-Home in Ardenweald.

What dungeon is in Ardenweald?

Ardenweald Dungeons – Mists of Tirna Scithe & De Other Side. There are two dungeons within the forested realm Ardenweald. Mists of Tirna Scithe is a realm cursed to exist outside the cycle of life and death, which the Drust have come to in order to circumvent their fate.

What level do you go to Ardenweald?

Level 55

Journey to Ardenweald
Level 55 (Requires 55)
Category Ardenweald
Experience 850
Rewards 2 45 70

Why is drust in Ardenweald?

This section concerns content related to Shadowlands. With the drought weakening the guardians of Ardenweald, the ancient Drust have seized the opportunity to invade from their nightmarish realm of Thros. The decaying groves of Ardenweald are what drew the Drust there.

What kind of souls go to Maldraxxus?

Souls that are sent to Maldraxxus are of those that were relentless and war-like in life, souls that would never yield and not shy away from any kind of conflict in life.

How do you pronounce Ardenweald?

So I know this is very, very nitpicky, but the way they pronounce “Ardenweald” in the game, at least in English, is like “arr-den-wee-uhld,” like combining the words “arden” and “wield,” but I am of the opinion that the pronunciation should have been “arr-den-wald,” like combining the words “arden” and “walled.”

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