What is the resolution of Micro-CT?

What is the resolution of Micro-CT?

Resolutions of industrial CT scanners are generally in the range of 5–150 μm, compared to medical CT scanners, which have best resolutions of 70 μm. In contrast, most nano-CT scanners have resolutions as low as to 0.5 μm.

What is resolution in CT scan?

Current CT scanners have a spatial resolution of 0.5–0.625 mm in the z-axis, and approximately 0.5 mm in the x- to y-axes.

What is CT spatial resolution?

Spatial resolution in CT is the ability to distinguish between object or structures that differ in density. A high spatial resolution is important for one to discriminate between structures that are located within a small proximity to each other.

What does ROI measure in CT?

ROI CT (region of interest) is used to measure partial regions of the object at a higher resolution. This can be done by first capturing the entire object at a lower magnification and therefore a lower resolution (b). The region of interest is then tomographically scanned at a higher magnification and resolution (c).

What is Nano CT?

Abstract. Nano-computed tomography (nano-CT) is an emerging, high-resolution cross-sectional imaging technique and represents a technical advancement of the established micro-CT technology.

What is resolution in radiology?

Resolution is a term which describes the ability of an imaging system to differentiate between structures, images, or events and display them as separate entities.

What does a high resolution CT scan show?

High-resolution CT technology uses a narrow X-ray beam and advanced computer analysis to create very detailed pictures of your body, allowing physicians to see small details that would not be possible with an older, tradiational CT.

What is resolution in radiography?

Resolution is the ability of an imaging system to faithfully reproduce a sharp edge that is present in the object.

What is spatial and temporal resolution?

The spatial resolution is the amount of spatial detail in an observation, and the temporal resolution is the amount of temporal detail in an observation.

What is region of interest in CT?

High-resolution computed tomography (CT) reconstructions currently require either full field of view (FOV) exposure, resulting in high dose, or region of interest (ROI) exposure, resulting in artifacts.

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