What is the sentence of abbot?

What is the sentence of abbot?

Abbot sentence example. It was a different Howie Abbot who took the news. After having spent forty years in a cave at the foot of mount Sinai, he became abbot of the monastery. The abbot of Fecamp seems to have originally held a market.

What Abbott meaning?

An abbot is the head of a monastery. Just as businesses have bosses and teams have coaches, the monastery has an abbot. The word abbot comes from the Greek abbas, which means “father” as a title with honor. An abbot is the superior of a monastery, the father of the fathers — in other words.

What is the synonym of abbot?

monk. nounman who devotes life to contemplation of god. abbot. anchorite. ascetic.

Is abbet a word?

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Acronym Definition
ABBET A Broad Based Environment for Test (IEEE Standard 1226)

How do you use abbreviate in a sentence?

Abbreviate sentence example

  1. If the space is small, you can always abbreviate .
  2. We were forced to abbreviate our trip due to the bad weather.
  3. Ordinary algebra developed very gradually as a kind of shorthand, devised to abbreviate the discussion of arithmetical problems and the statement of arithmetical facts.

What is a sentence for aberration?

Aberration sentence example. She is normally calm and level headed, so this outburst is an aberration . We considered our defeat to be an aberration , since we’d easily beaten this team last season.

What part of speech is abbot?

ABBOT (noun) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

Is an abbot a priest?

An abbot is elected by the chapter of the monastery in secret ballot. He must be at least 30 years old, of legitimate birth, professed at least 10 years, and an ordained priest. He is elected for life except in the English congregation, where he is elected for a term of 8–12 years.

What is the opposite of abbot?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for abbot. layman, layperson, secular.

What is the opposite of a monk?

Opposite of a member of the clergy or other religious order. layman. layperson. secular.

Is an abbot a monk?

In the Roman Catholic Church, abbots continue to be elected by the monks of an abbey to lead them as their religious superior in those orders and monasteries that make use of the term (some orders of monks, as the Carthusians for instance, have no abbots, only priors).

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