What is the specific heat of isopropyl alcohol?

What is the specific heat of isopropyl alcohol?

1.54 J/(gK)
Thermodynamic properties

Phase behavior
Gas properties
Std enthalpy change of formation, ΔfHogas −261.1 kJ/mol
Standard molar entropy, Sogas 333 J/(mol K)
Heat capacity, cp 1.54 J/(gK) at 25°C

What is the heat of vaporization of isopropyl alcohol?

Enthalpy of vaporization

ΔvapH (kJ/mol) 39.85
Temperature (K) 355.4
Method N/A
Reference Majer and Svoboda, 1985

Does IPA evaporate at room temperature?

Pure isopropyl alcohol would normally evaporate completely at room temperature in our standard atmosphere. If there is a residue, it is due to dissolved or suspended impurities, including anything it may have dissolved from the surface that it is evaporating on.

What is specific gravity of IPA?

Isopropyl alcohol Properties

Melting point -89.5 °C
pka 17.1(at 25℃)
color colorless
Specific Gravity approximate 0.785(20/20℃)(Ph.Eur.)
Relative polarity 0.546

Why does isopropyl alcohol evaporate fast?

The molecules of isopropyl alcohol don’t stick together as strongly at room temperature as water molecules do, which means the alcohol evaporates more quickly than water does. More molecules fly off, and they carry more heat energy with them.

Is the evaporation of isopropyl alcohol endothermic?

What kind of process (endothermic or exothermic) is evaporation? Endothermic because it draws heat from the surrounding, rather than giving it off.

Is IPA combustible?

Isopropyl alcohol is highly flammable and can easily ignite. Vapors may form explosive mixtures with air, traveling to a source of ignition and flash back, and use of water spray to fight fires may be inefficient.

Is IPA flammable?

CONTAINERS MAY EXPLODE IN FIRE. Use water spray to keep fire-exposed containers cool. Vapor is heavier than air and may travel a distance to cause a fire or explosion far from the source. Isopropyl Alcohol may form an ignitable vapor/air mixture in closed tanks or containers.

How long does IPA take to evaporate?

For example, if you used a minimal amount of rubbing alcohol, then you can expect it to evaporate within a few minutes. If you used a larger amount of isopropyl alcohol to clean your devices, then you can expect to wait about an hour for it to evaporate so that you can safely use the device without shorting it.

How long until isopropyl alcohol evaporates?

Isopropyl Alcohol IPA evaporates slowly because it contains a higher percentage of water than ethanol. IPA evaporates in approximately 3 days.

What is the density of IPA?

786 kg/m³Isopropyl alcohol / Density

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