What is the strongest explosion in Minecraft?

What is the strongest explosion in Minecraft?

1) Wither. Before the warden arrives, the wither is arguably the strongest and most dangerous mob in Minecraft. In Bedrock Edition, the wither causes an explosion of power level 7 when spawned. It explodes again after dropping to 50% health.

What things explode in Minecraft?

Explosion strength

Explosion Type Power Creates fire?
End crystal (when destroyed) 6 No
Charged creeper 6 No
Beds when used in the Nether, the End or custom dimensions 5 Yes
Respawn Anchor when used in the Overworld, the End or custom dimensions 5 Yes

What blocks can TNT not destroy?

Obsidian, Ancient Debris, Barriers, and Bedrock are completely resistant to the explosion, and cannot be destroyed normally. If the TNT is in water, any nearby blocks won’t be destroyed but any mobs nearby will still receive damage.

Is Netherite blast proof?

Blocks of netherite have a blast resistance of 1,200, the same as obsidian, crying obsidian, ancient debris, respawn anchor, and enchanting tables. Unlike obsidian, blocks of netherite (and ancient debris) can be moved with pistons, which makes it useful in redstone builds.

Can TNT break obsidian?

Obsidian is a dark purple and black block, known for its high blast resistance (meaning it can only blow up by Withers, or if 562 blocks of TNT is surrounding the obsidian)….As a crafting ingredient.

Obsidian Obsidian Obsidian
Obsidian Eye of Ender Obsidian
Obsidian Obsidian Obsidian

Does Fortune work on Netherite?

Does Fortune work on Netherite? Fortune can only work on ores that don’t need smelting to get what they have. This means that it does not work on Netherite, iron or gold (Overworld gold, nether gold will work with fortune).