What is the strongest weapon in RuneScape?

What is the strongest weapon in RuneScape?


Name Levels Damage/Accuracy (Tier)
Elder rune longsword + 5 and Elder rune off hand longsword + 5 90 1041 / 2178 (85) 520 / 2178 (85)
Elite tetsu katana and wakizashi 88 92 1078 / 2343 (88) 539 / 2343 (88)
Superior Statius’s warhammer 88 1311 / 2343 (88)
Superior Vesta’s longsword 88 1078 / 2343 (88)

What is the strongest weapon in Osrs?

A 2h sword is the most powerful of the basic weapons, but it is also the slowest. Furthermore, as its name suggests, the two-handed sword cannot be used with a shield.

What is the best weapon type in RuneScape?

Two-handed swords are the most powerful of basic weapons, but it sacrifices both speed and the ability to be used with the Shield slot, as the name suggests. The use of a Rune two-handed sword in player killing on Free-to-play worlds as a finishing weapon is common.

Is the Khopesh a good weapon rs3?

The khopesh of Tumeken is a main hand melee weapon that requires level 92 Attack to wield, and is the third strongest one-handed melee weapon in the game outside of Daemonheim….

Khopesh of Tumeken
Value 1,000,000 coins
High alch 600,000 coins
Low alch 400,000 coins

How do I get elite Tetsu Katana?

To upgrade a tetsu katana to its elite version the player needs 10 plate, 1 tetsu katana, tetsu sword upgrade kit, 92 Smithing (non-boostable) and all four parts of the “tetsu swords” eastern scroll. Making one grants 30,000 Smithing and 5,000 Crafting experience.

Is a mace better than a sword OSRS?

The Mace has a prayer bonus (increases effectiveness of prayers?) and less damage than the sword but a higher attack speed. Sword has more damage, but less attack speed.

Is black better than steel RuneScape?

Black equipment is stronger than steel equipment, yet weaker than mithril equipment. As the name suggests, the equipment is black in colour. Black armour requires 10 Defence to wield, weapons require 10 Attack.

Are shields worth it in rs3?

Shield usage can be very helpful for players who are attempting to battle enemies with a much higher combat level. Players who wield shields cannot use two-handed or off-hand weapons, both of which carry an extra 50% bonus to damage versus wielding a single one-handed weapon.

How do you upgrade khopesh?

It can be augmented with an augmentor to make the Augmented Khopesh of Elidinis. The khopesh degrades to broken over 60,000 charges of combat. It can be repaired by a Repair NPC for 1,600,000 coins, or for cheaper at an armour stand.

Are shields good in rs3?

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