What is the synonym of captives?

What is the synonym of captives?

confined, caged, incarcerated, locked up, penned up. chained, shackled, fettered, ensnared. restrained, under restraint, restricted, secure. jailed, imprisoned, in prison, interned, detained, in captivity, under lock and key, behind bars, in bondage, taken prisoner.

What do you mean by captives?

noun. plural captives. Definition of captive (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : one who has been captured : one taken and held usually in confinement Something there is in us that finds captivity captivating, particularly when the captives are prisoners of war.—

What are synonyms and antonyms of captive?

Synonyms & Antonyms of captive

  • apprehended,
  • arrested,
  • captured,
  • caught,
  • confined,
  • imprisoned,
  • incarcerated,
  • interned,

What is a prisoner called?

inmate. noun. someone who is kept in a prison, mental hospital, or other institution.

What is the synonym of hostage?

captive, prisoner, detainee, internee. pawn, security, surety, pledge.

What can I say instead of prisoners?

Words Matter: Using Humanizing Language

Offender, Inmate, Felon, Criminal, Convict, Prisoner, Delinquent Person or individual with justice system involvement; Person or individual impacted by the justice system; Person or individual affected by the justice system

What is it called to hold someone captive?

impound. imprison. incarcerate. lock up. put under lock and key.

What do you call a person keeping hostages?

A person who seizes one or more hostages is known as a hostage-taker; if the hostages are present voluntarily, then the receiver is known as a host.

What are captives in finance?

Captive finance companies are wholly owned subsidiaries of retailing or manufacturing firms that help customers finance big purchases. They offer a broad variety of services from full-scale banking to basic card services. Captive finance companies may be significantly profitable to the parent company.