What is the technical term used for stamp collection?

What is the technical term used for stamp collection?

philately, the study of postage stamps, stamped envelopes, postmarks, postcards, and other materials relating to postal delivery. The term philately also denotes the collecting of these items.

What is the technical term used for stamp collection Why is it not so difficult to do?

A philatelist may, but does not have to, collect stamps. It is not uncommon for the term philatelist to be used to mean a stamp collector. Many casual stamp collectors accumulate stamps for sheer enjoyment and relaxation without worrying about the tiny details.

Where did the word philatelist come from?

The word “philately” is the English transliteration of the French “philatélie”, coined by Georges Herpin in 1864. Herpin stated that stamps had been collected and studied for the previous six or seven years and a better name was required for the new hobby than timbromanie (roughly “stamp quest”), which was disliked.

What does Pb mean in stamp collecting?

Plate Block (PB) (or Plate Number Block): A block of stamps with the margin attached that bears the plate number used in printing that sheet. Plate Number Coils (PNC): For most coil stamp rolls beginning with #1891, a small plate number appears at varying intervals in the roll in the design of the stamp.

What does OG mean in stamp collecting?

OG indicates original gum, as issued by the government post office, but it may be disturbed by such things as hinge marks or fingerprints. And NH means original gum that is undisturbed, never hinged or otherwise damaged. Collectors often pay a lot of money for a rare stamp with original gum.

What is the meaning of philatelic?

Definition of philately : the collection and study of postage and imprinted stamps : stamp collecting.

What does Eire W mean on a stamp?

The stamp carries a ‘W’ (worldwide) designation for international posting. Just as the Inuit have over 50 different words for snow, the Irish have accumulated a similar number describing rain.

What does word philately mean?