What is the undertone of Benjamin Moore abalone?

What is the undertone of Benjamin Moore abalone?

violet undertones
Abalone (2108-60) Benjamin Moore Abalone is a quiet gray with violet undertones. I love to use this color for a girls room, but sometimes its great for a whole house if it matches your kitchen countertops, backsplash tile or your fireplace stone.

Is Benjamin Moore abalone warm or cool?

Both Abalone and Barren Plain are WARM GRAY paint colours, however, whereas Barren Plain is ‘slightly warm’, Abalone almost hits the taupe end of things with an extra dose of brown mixed in.

What color is abalone?

Abalone color is a cool white with purple undertones and part of our Whites collection. Pair Abalone with a lavender and cool gray for a pastel-inspired oasis.

What is abalone GREY?

2108-60. A light gray softened with the barest trace of mauve.

What color is one shade lighter than Balboa mist?

Pale Oak
Colors That Are Lighter Than Balboa Mist Pale Oak is a very similar greige paint color, but is just a shade lighter and less concentrated with a light reflectance value of 69, compared to Balboa Mist’s LRV of 67.

What color is a shade darker than Balboa mist?

Revere Pewter is a bit darker than Balboa Mist. Balboa Mist has a light and airy quality to it, while Revere Pewter will look like a definite color on your wall.

What color is abalone Benjamin Moore?

Abalone 2108-60 Hue Family In context of its Hue Family neighborhood, 1 Y (Yellow), on The Color Strategist Color Wheel. The pink arrows point to where it fits in among the other colors according to its Value 7.81 rounded to 7.88 and Chroma of 0.64 rounded to 0.75.

What color is Benjamin Moore calm?

warm gray
Calm is an off-white paint colour that is a soft, warm gray, which means it’s a gray with a bit of brown in it to warm it up.

Does Balboa mist have undertones?

Subtle purple undertones will come through more in a room with north-facing light, bringing out more of its gray base, while in a south-facing room or the warm afternoon sunshine, Balboa Mist looks more beige.

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