What is the unit cell of sodium?

What is the unit cell of sodium?

NaCl has a cubic unit cell. It is best thought of as a face-centered cubic array of anions with an interpenetrating fcc cation lattice (or vice-versa). The cell looks the same whether you start with anions or cations on the corners. Each ion is 6-coordinate and has a local octahedral geometry.

What is the lattice of sodium?

nglos324 – nacl. Sodium Chloride is an alkali halide with an fcc crystal structure. The basis is two ions, a sodium cation and a chlorine anion. The crystal lattice parameter is 0.563 nm.

Is sodium a BCC or fcc?


v t e Crystal structure of elements in the periodic table
11 Na BCC 12 Mg HCP
19 K BCC 20 Ca FCC 29 Cu FCC
37 Rb BCC 38 Sr FCC 47 Ag FCC
55 Cs BCC 56 Ba BCC 79 Au FCC

Can a unit cell be triangular?

(d) The triangle is not a valid unit cell because repeating it in space fills only half of the space in the pattern.

What type of structure is Na?

body-centered cubic

Spectral lines of sodium
Other properties
Natural occurrence primordial
Crystal structure ​body-centered cubic (bcc)

What unit cell is formed by NaCl?

face centered cubic unit cell
NaCl is a face centered cubic unit cell which has four cations and four anions.

How many unit cells are present in NaCl?

56×1021 unit cells contains 1gm of NaCl molecules.

What is the mass of bcc type unit cell of sodium?

∴ No. of unit cells is zN=21. 2046×1023=0. 6023×1023.

What is triangular lattice?

The hexagonal lattice or triangular lattice is one of the five two-dimensional Bravais lattice types. The symmetry category of the lattice is wallpaper group p6m.

What is lattice unit cells?

A unit cell is the smallest portion of a crystal lattice that shows the three-dimensional pattern of the entire crystal. A crystal can be thought of as the same unit cell repeated over and over in three dimensions. The Figure below illustrates the relationship of a unit cell to the entire crystal lattice.

What is the molecular structure of sodium?


PubChem CID 5360545
Chemical Safety Laboratory Chemical Safety Summary (LCSS) Datasheet
Molecular Formula Na
Synonyms 7440-23-5 Na Sodium Natrium UNII-23J3BHR95O More…
Molecular Weight 22.9897693

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