What is the use of breakpoint in SAP ABAP?

What is the use of breakpoint in SAP ABAP?

A breakpoint is an area in an ABAP program where the execution halts and turns on the debugging mode. The control is then transferred to the ABAP debugger, which further controls the execution of the program. Breakpoints are classified namely as session breakpoints, debugger breakpoints and static breakpoints.

What is the statement for creating a user independent breakpoint in SAP ABAP?

Static breakpoints are always user-independent if there is no specification of a user name. Once a user has inserted the statement BREAK-POINT or BREAK name in an ABAP program, the system always interrupts the program at that point for that user or only for the user name.

How do I create a break point in ABAP?

Before you run your program In SE38 add “BREAK userid” to your code or click on the Stop Sign or from the menu bar Utilities/Breakpoint/Set. You could also type /h then execute the tcode and use breakpoint from the menu bar or double click on a specfic line of code to set a breakpoint.

How do you set a breakpoint for user ID in SAP?

A user-specific breakpoint is inserted in the source code as an ABAP statement using the keyword BREAK-POINT . A non user-specific breakpoint is set in the ABAP Editor using the BREAK user name statement. Can be set in the ABAP Editor or the Debugger by double-clicking a line, for example.

What is the difference between session and external breakpoint?

An external breakpoint is attached to the user that set it, and behaves similarly to a session breakpoint. The icon looks like a person set in front of a stop sign. The major difference is that it exists for a 2 hours and can launch the debugger when triggered by an external process.

What is Session breakpoint and external breakpoint in ABAP?

Breakpoints interrupt the program execution and transfer the control to the ABAP Debugger. Breakpoint Types. There are the following types of breakpoints that were conceived for different application uses: If you set a breakpoint in the ABAP Editor (SE38), then it is a session breakpoint or an external breakpoint .

What is session breakpoint in SAP?

A session breakpoint is attached to a user’s session, which exists from the point in time where the user logs into SAP until they close their last SAP dialog window. The icon looks like a computer monitor set in front of a stop sign.