What is the weakness of Jester zombie?

What is the weakness of Jester zombie?

Jester Zombie’s main weaknesses are area-of-effect attacks from plants like Lightning Reed, Fume-shroom, Laser Bean, and Snapdragon. These types of plants work since they do not have solid projectiles to hit Jester Zombie with.

What is the most annoying zombie in plants vs Zombies?

The Octo zombie is one of the most hated zombies in the game. He has pet squids all over his body, and he walks about as fast as an elderly woman. But here’s what really makes him hated: Every few seconds he throws one of his pet squids at the plant nearest to him.

How do you beat the zombie breakdancer?

Use slowing plants to give more time for you to stop Breakdancer Zombies. Use Primal Peashooters, Chard Guards or Hurrikales to repel zombies that are kicked by Breakdancer Zombies. Use Iceberg Lettuce or Stunion to freeze or stun the zombie he is about to kick. Frozen and stunned zombies cannot be kicked.

How do you counter Octo zombie?

A group of Snapdragons or Cold Snapdragons can destroy bound octopi around themselves quickly, and more can be planted to flank Octo Zombies from their sides. Of the plants introduced in Big Wave Beach, Tangle Kelp and Banana Launcher are most effective.

How can we prevent tornadoes from zombies?

The mature form of the bomb plant can kill the tornado zombie. Show activity on this post. Well, To defeat it, You have to use Area of effect plants or Instant kills in order to beat it.

How do you beat the jester in PVZ2?

To defeat the Jester Zombie, the player should use area-of-effect plants, instant-kill plants, splash damage plants, plants that utilize non-physical projectiles, etc. Jester Zombie can deflect projectiles shot by these Plants: Peashooter. Cabbage-pult.

How do you deal with punk zombies?

Combining the increased speed of zombies and incoming Neon Bucketheads or Hair Metal Gargantuars protecting him, Punk Zombie can destroy defenses with ease. An easy way to defeat him is to use Magnet-shroom to take his head and kill him instantly.

What is the strongest plant in PvZ 2?

Homing Thistle The Most Powerful Plant In PVZ2 | Plant vs Zombie 2 – YouTube.