What is there to do in Eden Nature Park?

What is there to do in Eden Nature Park?

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  • Guided Shuttle Tour. For those eager to get a glimpse and be fairly oriented of the Park’s 40-hectare attractions and amenities in a short period of time, take the 45 minute guided shuttle tour.
  • Skycycle.
  • Skyswing.
  • Horseback Riding.
  • Fishing Village.
  • Swimming Pool.
  • Indiana Jones.
  • Skywheel.

Who is the owner of Eden Nature Park in Davao City?

chairman Miguel M. Ayala
Eden Nature Park and Resort and JVA Group of Companies chairman Miguel M. Ayala earlier said, “Eden is the living legacy that my parents left behind.” He was pertaining to the late Jesus “Chito” V. Ayala (JVA) and wife Fe Misa Ayala.

Are pets allowed in Eden Nature Park?

Pets are not allowed inside the premises of Eden Nature Park.

How much is the entrance fee in Crocodile Park Davao?

250 pesos
The entrance fee for adult is 250 pesos while for senior & child (12 below) is 125 pesos.

Why you should visit Davao?

You’re Going to Love Davao City Davao offers spectacular natural beauty, with forests, the highest mountain in the Philippines, Mount Apo, and beautiful coral islands. A diverse population of indigenous, migrant, and ex-pat communities calls Davao home.

How do I get to commute from Eden Nature Park?

Planning on commuting?

  1. From downtown just simply ride a Toril jeep. You can find them at Aldevinco, Roxas (in front of Ateneo de Davao University), near UM Bolton, or at SM Ecoland. (
  2. Inform the driver to drop you off at Mercury drug in Toril.
  3. From Eden to Toril, you can still ride a tricycle.

Are dogs allowed at Eden Gardens Park?

Although dogs are not allowed on the house tours, they are welcome at the picnic areas, the nature trail, and the gardens. Dogs must be kept leashed and cleaned up after.

Is Davao city clean?

DAVAO City has been renowned as among the cleanest cities in the Philippines. This is true if you compare it to other major urban cities in the country.

How do you get to Davao?

It is accessible by plane, by land and by sea.

  1. Travel by Air. The Davao International Airport has daily flights to and from major cities in the Philippines and weekly flights to Singapore and Manado, Indonesia.
  2. Travel by Sea.
  3. Travel by Land.

Is it safe to live in Davao?

As for other types of crime, Davao is mostly safe. What is this? As an experienced traveler, you know that you should keep your belongings in a safe place, not to flash your valuables, especially parts of expensive technology, in public places, and not to carry all your money with you.

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