What is transaction type?

What is transaction type?

Transaction Type means the nature of the fuel transaction. Transaction type is a field in the CFP Online System used to represent how a volume of fuel should be treated in terms of compliance with the clean fuel standards.

How do you create a transaction type in SAP?

Create a new transaction type in Customizing for Financial Accounting (FI)by choosing Asset Accounting → Transactions → Acquisitions → Define Transaction Types for Acquisitions.

What is the use of transaction type?

In Asset Management the transfer programs use the transaction types for various types of movements. These transcation types can be choosen only for that particular type of transaction. The system would not allow one for other.

What is transaction type code?

Transaction type codes are three-digit codes used to identify the type of transaction, edit criteria used and which general ledger or subsidiary ledger accounts are debited or credited.

What is the purpose of transaction type in SAP?

Transaction types are used to differentiate transactions within an account. They, for instance, allow you to portray horizontal account development, e.g. ‘opening balance – acquisitions – retirements – transfers – closing balance.

How do you create a transaction type?

To create a user-defined transaction type:

  1. Navigate to the Transaction Types window.
  2. Select the User Defined alternative region.
  3. Enter a unique name for the transaction type.
  4. Enter a transaction source type.
  5. Select a transaction action.
  6. Check Project to enable this transaction type for project use.
  7. Save your work.

What is GL transaction type in SAP?

GL account is not assigned for a transaction type. But is is assigned for asset class in AO90. Transaction type is just a classification of business transaction.

What is TTy field in SAP?

TTRET is a standard field within SAP Table t856 that stores TTy: Retirement information. The asset retirement transaction type determines with which transaction type a retirement is to be posted.

What is transaction type in ABAP?

Each transaction type is assigned to a transaction type group. The business transactions are subdivided on the basis of the transaction type group into: Transactions that influence the acquisition and production costs of fixed assets This includes: Acquisitions, retirements, transfer postings, post-capitalization.

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