What is Ventralight mesh used for?

What is Ventralight mesh used for?

Indications Ventralight™ ST Mesh is indicated for use in the reconstruction of soft tissue deficiencies, such as for the repair of hernias. Contraindications Do not use the Ventralight™ ST in infants or children whereby future growth will be compromised by use of such material.

What is Ventralight St mesh?

Ventralight™ ST Mesh is an uncoated medium weight monofilament polypropylene mesh on the anterior side with an absorbable hydrogel barrier based on Sepra® Technology on the posterior side for laparoscopic ventral hernia repair.

Who makes Ventralight mesh?

The Ventralight™ ST is one in a line of Davol’s mesh products containing its registered Sepra® technology, which Davol says is a “hydrogel barrier” on one side of the mesh that purportedly minimizes tissue attachment to the mesh and provides internal protection during the healing process.

What is Bard mesh?

With more than 50 years of clinical experience, Bard® Mesh is the Gold Standard product to be used in a “tension-free” hernia repair technique. Bard® Mesh reinforces the weakened area, allowing for tissue ingrowth and resiliency. Bard® Mesh can be tailored preoperatively and customized to any unique situation.

What is Phasix St mesh?

Phasix™ ST Mesh combines two market-leading technologies into one product: monofilament bioresorbable Phasix™ Mesh and a proven hydrogel barrier based on. Sepra® technology. Phasix™ ST Mesh supports functional healing, resulting in a strong. remodeled repair.1,2,3.

What is Physiomesh used for?

Physiomesh is a coated surgical mesh used in hernia repairs. The mesh is made from polypropylene, a type of plastic. It is sandwiched between two thick synthetic film layers. The patient’s body absorbs the laminated film coating over time.

How much is a hernia mesh lawsuit worth?

On average, plaintiffs get $50,000 to $250,000 in the hernia mesh lawsuit settlements. If the plaintiff suffers a serious injury, the hernia mesh lawsuit settlement could be up to $100,000. The Covid-19 pandemic has pushed hernia lawsuit hearings forward by months, but most of them are scheduled to be heard in 2021.

What is Ultrapro mesh made of?

ULTRAPRO MESH®. It is used for repair of hernias or other abdominal fascial defects. This mesh is manufactured from approximately equal parts of absorbable poliglecaprone-25 monofilament fibre and non-absorbable polypropylene monofilament fibre.

Who makes Ultrapro mesh?

Ultrapro hernia mesh is manufactured by Johnson and Johnson and their corporate subsidiary, Ethicon.

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