What is waste consignment note?

What is waste consignment note?

A hazardous waste consignment note (HWCN) is a document that details the transfer of hazardous waste from one person to another.

What needs to be on a consignment note?

You must enter the name, address and postcode of the place your waste is to be taken to (the consignee). You should first check that the consignee holds an environmental permit, or exemption from a permit, that allows them to accept the type(s) of waste being consigned.

Why is waste consignment note important?

Filters. The consignment note enables the regulator to track loads of hazardous waste and ensure that they arrive safely at an appropriate disposal or recovery facility.

How do you write a consignment note?

What Information Must Be Mentioned On a Consignment Note?

  1. Date and Location of Consignment Note.
  2. Name and Address of Consignor.
  3. Name and Address of Carrier.
  4. Name and Address of Consignee.
  5. Location and Date of Cargo Receipt and Delivery.
  6. Number of Cartons.
  7. Description of Goods.
  8. Weight and Dimensions of Goods.

Who issues the consignment note?

Goods Transport Agency
As per Section 65B (26) of the Finance Act, 1994; “Goods Transport Agency means any person who provides service in relation to transport of goods by road and issues consignment note, by whatever name called”.

What is the difference between a waste transfer note and a consignment note?

A hazardous waste consignment note is just a more detailed Waste Transfer Note, because it covers the movement of waste from a commercial premises that contain hazardous material. By law, any movement of waste should have relevant paperwork showing the Duty of Care in the form of a waste transfer note.

Who can issue consignment note?

How long should a hazardous waste consignment note be retained?

three years
You need to make sure that you keep your hazardous waste consignment notes on file for at least three years, a little bit longer than waste transfer notes. You also need to make sure you get the information back from your waste contractor about where the waste has been disposed of.

Who prepares a consignment note?

Through Article 7/2, it appears that as a rule the sender must draft the consignment note. However, the carrier also may draft it but in that case he/she is assumed to do so on behalf of the sender.

Is a consignment note a receipt?

Consignment Note means a document issued as a receipt for the goods shipped or to be shipped on a ship or ships and which by reference to these conditions evidences the contract of carriage of goods by sea.

What is the difference between consignment note and bill of lading?

Buyers could collect the consignment from the carrier at the airport of destination by simply proving their identities against the company information stated on the consignee part of the air waybill. Bill of lading on the other hand, when issued in negotiable form, represents title to the goods.

WHO issues a consignment note?