What is wet macadam mix?

What is wet macadam mix?

Wet Mix Macadam(WMM) work includes laying and compacting clean, crushed, graded aggregate and granular material, premixed with water, to a dense mass on a prepared GSB layer or existing pavement as per the requirement of the project.

What is the CBR value of WMM?

Results show that incorporation of Ganga sand to replace 20% proportion of stone dust of conventional WMM mix was found to improve the CBR value from 121% for conventional mix to 169%. This was while the same level of replacement with moorum had decreased the CBR value of WMM mix to a value of 94%.

What is MDD of WMM?

The maximum dry density of Wet Mix Macadam used in Road Construction must be 2230 Kg/Cum.

What is the size of WMM?

The consumption of the water is less in case of the WMM roads. 6. Stone aggregates used in WBM is larger in size which varies from 90 mm to 20 mm depending upon the grade but in case of the WMM size varies from 4.75 mm to 20 mm.

What is the wet mix?

Definition of wet mix : the mixture obtained when water is added to cement, sand, and coarse aggregate.

How do you make wet macadam mix?

Wet Mix Macadam consist of laying spreading and compacting of clean, crushed, well-graded granular materials on a prepared and approved Granular sub-Base. The material is well mixed with water and rolled to a dense mass.

What is a good CBR value?

A clayey soil generally has a low CBR value (less than 8). Sands are more granular and drain better and will generally have CBR values between 15 and 35. Gravel will have the best CBR values, generally 25 and up. That is why it is suggested to save the best material to cap the subgrade.

How is CBR percentage calculated?

The CBR vlues are usually calculated for penetration of 2.5 mm and 5 mm….Calculation for California Bearing Ratio (CBR) Test.

Penetration depth (1) mm Unit standard load (2) kgf/cm2 Total standard load (3) kgf
7.5 134 2630
10.5 162 3180
12.5 183 3600

What is MDD of GSB?

According to Indian standards i.e. MoRT&H 5th revision Grade III is open grade to be provided for GSB. As per compaction test conducted and obtained MDD of 2.14gm/cc & OMC of 3.18 % to be achieved in the field.

How do you find the density of a WMM?

CALCULATION: The volume of the hole = Mass of sand in hole/Density of used sand. Wet density = Mass of wet excavated soil/Volume of hole Dry density = Wet density × 100%/ Moisture content of soil + 100 Degree of compaction = Dry density × 100%/Maximun dry density.

What is ratio of GSB?

GSB material is a mix of sand & gravels, crushed stone & broken rock. GSB material typically contain crushed stone > 50%. Material having CBR > 30% & PI < 6%.

What is wet mix?

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