What is Xisumavoid server IP?

What is Xisumavoid server IP?

play.xisumavoid.com Server IP. 1.12.2 Server Version. Type /discord in-game Discord.

Does Xisuma have a discord server?

I have a public discord community known as “The Xisumaverse”. Interesting things are happening here soon and you should join if you want to meet like minded people! 🙂 Discord is the easiest way to communicate over voice, video, and text. Chat, hang out, and stay close with your friends and communities.

What is the HermitCraft server IP?

The IP: hermitcraft.xisumavoid.com This IP will work for both Java and Bedrock.

Is Xisuma British?

Xisuma (pronounced “ɪ suː mə”) is a british Let’s Play commentator and an active member of the Hermitcraft vanilla server. He has been active on YouTube since late 2011.

Where did Xisuma get his name?

His username comes from the word music, spelled backwards (with an X), with the letter “a” added. Because the name “Xisuma” was taken on YouTube, “void” was added, which came from the name of the band “Void Thru Materialism”.

Does mumbo have a discord?

Join Mumbo Jumbo Server! The official public Discord of the popular YouTuber ThatMumboJumbo.

How do you spell Xisuma?

  1. Chooturial. (Choo-tor-real) Said to be Xisuma”s way of saying the common Youtuber word, “Tutorial”.
  2. Issooma. (Iss-oo-ma) The way the master himself, “Xisuma”, pronounces his name.
  3. Allo. (Al-oh)
  4. Pozeeble. (Poz-ee-bell)
  5. Mashroom. (Mash-room)
  6. Derite. (der-right)
  7. Saink. (Say-nk)
  8. Woa”ah. (Wuh-oh-wuh)

Is Hermitcraft child friendly?

HermitCraft is a mature but child-appropriate server that has a mix of Redstoners and builders. There is usually a “shopping district,” mini-games and a storyline each season. These servers provide entertaining content while boosting each channel’s popularity.

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