What is yellow tongue particle board?

What is yellow tongue particle board?

STRUCTAflor® YELLOWTongue® 19mm particle board is the ideal foundation for all purpose flooring finishes. It is a resilient and durable timber product. General purpose substrate for internal residential building. Used for both platform and fitted floor construction.

What is the difference between yellow tongue and orange tongue flooring?

Orange tongue flooring vs yellow tongue flooring They are both 900 mm on average. The yellow tongue can be 3600 x 900 mm or 1800 x 900 mm long, while the orange tongue is usually 3600 x 900 mm long.

What is yellow tongue flooring made from?

Tongue-shaped hardwood particleboard sheet flooring or bamboo board sheet floor, also named as “yellow tongue” or “red tongue” floor is a new kind of environmental protection wood floor, composed of high-density particleboard and bamboo.

Can yellow tongue floors get wet?

Yellow tongue can handle being in the wet for a short period of time when a house is being built but it’s not designed to be exposed to moisture indefinitely.

How do you protect a yellow tongue floor?

The yellow tongue comes with a wax coating so you either need a good sealer/primer that will adhere to it then paint or sand it back to raw and same again. You just want to make sure whichever way you do it, you are not going to void the warranty for the product.

How long will yellow tongue flooring last?

Yellow tongue should be OK for 3 months exposed to the weather. However like any timber I wouldn’t recommend it be left flooded. My issue with exposed yellow tongue is that the edges can raise slightly which can’t be good if you’re installing flooring other than carpet.

Should I seal yellow tongue flooring?

Can you lay vinyl planks on yellow tongue?

Vinyl’s biggest disadvantage is when it comes to yellow tongue floors (top floor of a 2 storey home), you will need to put Masonite down first unless you use Karndean, as most manufacturers will not warrant their product.

What happens if yellow tongue flooring gets wet?

Is particleboard flooring waterproof?

Particleboard Flooring provides unbeatable protection against damp or humid conditions. It’s made to flawlessly high standards, and features an easy to use tongue and groove system for remarkable strength in unsupported joints. Come rain, hail or shine, it’s your safest bet.

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